22 June 2019

June - France

Hello again.  We are back from our recent jaunt to Chateau de la Ruche.  I'm guessing this post should be called, Pull that weed, pick up sticks, cut the grass, clear the meadow, and all things gardening. 

Before arriving in France they had a spell of rough weather and there was lots of branches and twiggy bits bought down.  Hence the pick up sticks (they use it for kindling so not wasted) as it jams the mower.  Warm and wet weather had bought the grass on no end and the wild flower meadows were starting to go over.  Their neighbour Alain will be coming to cut the big meadows with his tractor and baler, but the smaller ones Peter and I tackled with the sit-on and petrol mowers.  Good exercise for me, walking up and down with the petrol mower and very satisfying to see things getting tidy again.

right side of the entrance

front lawn

planted some new shrubs in the conifer stump area

Farmyard had a trim

banks and top of the lake cut - lake had an algae bloom hence its green appearance
some of the piles of hay and weeds from the back of Maurice's house

this will be a patio area and garden by this time next year

shame to burn it but no one wants it

back of Maurice's - can't wait to make this into a garden
We didn't spend all our time in the garden.  We popped into Le Mans for the Sunday market with Rufus and had a wander around the medieval town

It was busy with guests for the Le Mans 24 hour - so I helped where I could with changing beds and prepping food..

Rufus was 9 this week and we celebrated with a visit to his favourite Chinese Buffet and a Rocky Road birthday cake

and finally we spent a morning picking cherries (19lbs) and I then spent an afternoon pitting said cherries for the freezer and various preserves for guests.

I even ended up bringing home 4lbs which had to be pitted.  So after 7.5 hours in the car, unpacking, washing on, I set to work.  They are in the freezer and will become jam at a later date.  My nails look a real mess but I'm guessing its worth it.

So all in all a busy 12 days.  We are home for 5 weeks now, so goodness knows what the gardens will be like when we get back.  We are hoping that it turns really warm then the grass won't need too much attention.

Our garden needed some work but I'll save that and my lack of knitting for another post.

I have an evening too myself, so I am going to make myself a long drink and find something I fancy for dinner.  Until the next time - cheers xx

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  1. The two of you did alot of hard work. Don't know were you get your energy from. It sure looks good tho'. Great job!!


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