23 June 2019

June - Gardening news

So to the garden.  As predicted the poppies had made a takeover bid whilst we were away and the first thing I did on Saturday was rip them all out.  I couldn't believe the space they had taken up.  I did harvest all the seed heads to dry for flower arrangements in the autumn/winter months though.  Not sure if I'll save the seed....

Just one pink one
I now have some much needed space for the next round of plants to go in.  There are lots of Rubeckia and Crocosmia coming along but I need to plant lots more oranges, yellows and reds - so Dahlias and Cannas, Cone Flowers are on my shopping list for market day along with anything else that takes my fancy.  The clock got moved as my climbing rose was wanting the space.  I think I prefer it where it is now.  I'm wondering about some garden mirrors to reflect the space.  Thoughts?

I really dislike these paving slabs but can't justify taking them up.  I'm hoping that will dull over time.  Mr S pressure washed them last year and they came up far to bright.  I would have lots of pots to break them up but as we are away so often I have to keep the garden self-care and I hate seeing those plastic tubes on the automatic watering systems trailing everywhere.  For now that's how the garden is looking. Hopefully by next time I post the borders will be looking brighter.  Happy gardening


  1. Your gardens look wonderful.Love the lupines and the daisy's. The cement tiles don't look too bad. Thanks for showing us!

  2. Amazing really what you have done with that blank space. Happy garden shopping!!


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