19 July 2019

July knitting news

What's on my needles?

I am currently working on my Phoebe shawl.  Its growing slowly, I'm using up my odd balls of mohair along with the main yarn, which will end the shawl - three strands to match the overall thickness of the rest.

I should be finishing my summer top but have lost interest.

The July socks are finished. Jess was thrilled.  My only comment on 100% cotton in stocking stitch is there isn't much give, making them a bit tricky to get on.  When I used it for the June socks they had a garter panel up the front so there was more ease.  Lesson learnt.

July socks for Jess

Itching to cast one of these on

Spied this crate in a salvage yard, shame the knitter wasn't in it

I am actually further along than this, maybe 4" on the next side
So that's where I am on the knitting front.  What's on your needles?

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  1. Like the shawl. It looks like there is a pattern in the middle? The socks are nice. I've heard other people say there is no give in the cotton. I think the summer sweater is going to be lovely. On my needles right now I have a pair of socks. a poncho and a raglan cardigan with cables. It's been so hot and humid that I only work on them in the morning. take care!


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