28 January 2020

Home again

Just back from another two week jaunt to France.  Unfortunately we were both under par and spent a lot of our time coughing. Even though we didn't feel brilliant I think we managed to achieve a fair bit.

Peter mainly worked with Tim on the gite, putting in the battening and wall supports ready for the upcoming plaster boarding.  Its really taking shape in there now.

Rebecca and I spent two days sorting and clearing the attic. We now have half of the attic stacked with condensed and labelled boxes, spare chairs and beds.  All Rebecca's vintage bone china and glassware is now in a cupboard that she can access easily, rather than scrabbling through boxes.

The other half of the attic has been transformed into a workroom and storage for her chandelier obsession -   where all the sewing and upholstering can be completed without it encroaching on family life.  A very satisfying couple of days.

photo credit - @chateaudelaruche

Peter and I spent a day having a bonfire, clearing out all the rubbish from the small barn and piles of branches leftover from our previous visit.  I love a good fire, though it didn't help the coughs much.

We worked in the garden, tidying the grass edges and creating a new border along the patio near the lake.  Sorted through all the Dahlia bulbs to check for rot. Planted shrubs. Generally had a good tidy round.

Snowdrops and catkins are popping out all over the place

The river is still in fast full flood at Le Boulay

I worked on my Ten stitch blanket

We went out for an acceptable curry, not easy to find in France. A trip round the brocantes, garden centres and homeware shops made a good diversion from daily chores and we got some good bargains.

Now its back home - unpacked, washing and ironing complete. The garden needs some attention, though I am happy to report that the camellia I planted out from a pot, which didn't flower last year, has flower buds on this year, not many but every one a bonus as I took the gamble on it.  Photos to follow as they open.

That's is for now, time to sort dinner - Thai green chicken curry and rice I'm thinking

12 January 2020

Laid low

As mentioned in my last post we both had coughs.  Would you believe we still have.  I can't remember when I felt so awful.  Coughing that makes your head pound and your chest hurt.  We've done nothing but sit and read and in my case knit. 

On Wednesday we did walk round the block for 20 mins in the hopes that fresh air would make us feel better.  Nope just felt shattered when we got back.

Thursday I had a hair appointment and rather than cancel I went, sat coughing along with most others in there.  There's a lot of it about.  Friday we ventured to Tesco for supplies but that's all. 

Saturday we had the little ones overnight.  I feel ashamed to say they watched TV most of the time apart from helping with homework and they had the Lego and play dough out.  Mind you they both have coughs so I don't think they were too bothered.  But not our normal Granny and Pops sleepover.

We all had a rough night, I think we woke one another with the coughing and then these two came and visited at 5:15am....... it feels like a long day already.  Mummy collected them just before lunch and I've had a tidy round and now plan on putting my feet up with my knitting

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xx

5 January 2020

2020 - a new year a new decade

Happy new year to you all.  I hope that the first week of the new year is going well for you?

For us it has bought another cold (only just rid of my before Christmas one) but this has with it a hacking cough.  The only good thing is that we both have it at the same time so can sympathize with one another.  Neither of us can be bothered to cook so we are making do with cake and cheese and whatever is leftover around the house!!  Poor us.

I finished off the crochet granny blanket for Jess she was very happy with it

I cast on the Linus shawl, added 10 colours, then ripped it out.  Problem for me is that many of the Advent yarn colours whilst lovely in themselves just aren't really colours I would normally choose...

Started a new book ..... and finished it earlier this afternoon.   I honestly think this was such a sad, depressing book.  It follows Olive on her journey into old age and all the trials and tribulations that come with getting old.  Frankly I didn't need reminding of whats in store.  Thought provoking

Started and finished a cowl using 8 of the minis.  I held them doubled and took the linen stitch, new to me, from the Manic Panic cowl, choosing to make my cowl close fitting rather than loopy.  If I'm being truthful its that I couldn't face casting on 333 stitches for the smallest size

The rest of the minis are packed away.  I expect I'll use them for socks at some point

Today I sorted out some yarn to start on my monthly granny squares, but have zero motivation to start anything if I'm honest.

We did get out walking a few days earlier in the week before we really started to feel rubbish, getting in a 6.8, 4.9 and 4 miles respectively

That's me caught up for now...... oh before I forget I have to ask, did anyone catch the BBC1 Dracula drama?  If so what did you think? Nearly scared the pants off me, there was a lot of hiding behind my knitting!!  If you didn't, try and get it on catch up

Take care Sue