9 May 2020

Lockdown - finding things to do

This lockdown is really making us look for things to do.

Monday - we moved the freezer from the laundry room to the garage. The laundry rooms gets really hot with the sun on it all day at this time of year so after a bit of rejigging in the garage it was moved.  The plan is to redecorate the laundry room and add some refurbed cabinets for extra storage.

Tuesday - I decided I would go out and sweep the drive and clear a few weeds and moss from the paving..... by the end of the morning this had happened.  In fairness this hedge was being eaten and its days were numbered.  It had had Viburnum mixed in with it, this was diseased and we took that out a while back.  The disease/bugs had gone over to the Portuguese Laurel and it just looked a mess.  Plus this was the only hedge along our road - the rest being open plan and our other side hedge came out last year, more diseased Viburnum - so now we are in keeping with the rest of the street, though I do have borders each side which I will keep low.

Wednesday - 2 stumps out

Thursday - we took a break for a walk then took out another stump, no photos

Friday - finally all out.  It was hard going but very satisfying.  It will need a fair bit of raking to get out all the rooty bits and also some compost to improve the soil before planting up.

Plants putting on a show this week

and now its the weekend again.  Anyone else struggling to know what day of the week it is?

Stay home stay safe

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