Our Garden

Welcome to our garden - a work in progress

This page is to share the progress in our garden.  I will try to photograph month by month and to show you the colour we have achieved with each month

September - some flowers are going over now.  The chrysanthemums are in bud and will soon be breaking out. 

August - changes in the garden. The borders are filling and we have a new pergola"garden room".  I saw this idea in a magazine and asked Peter if it would be possible for us.  We still need to decide on a wood preserver colour and put the lighting and plants in but overall I am thrilled with what he has achieved

July - colour is coming

June - borders are filling

May - plenty of colour

April - how the garden looks

March - colour in the garden

March trip to the garden centre


we lost a large shrub to the wind in the left hand border, I was sad at the time but actually it has meant that I could completely rejig this border.  Though does leave the bottom seating more exposed.  The garden is starting to wake up


after our first full year we knew which plants needed to be relocated and this was done at the end of 2018. I'm itching to see what comes up - I planted loads of summer flowering bulbs last autumn.  The daffodils and spring bulbs that got removed when the garden was stripped were replanted and they are flowering beautifully.

Summer 2018  

we worked on the borders, creating a couple of seating areas so we could follow the sun around the garden.  2018 was a very hot summer and as it was our first full year we got to see where the problem areas were, as in which plants didn't like their position, parts of the back and right hand border are in full sun most of the day and some plants really struggled.  We did achieved a fair amount of colour though and we were pleased with that.  We had a little helper too

April 2018 

new fences erected to the bottom and left of the garden

February 2018 

we had all the trees removed so we could open up the space and get the fences replaced

This is what we had when we moved in in September 2017

This the view of our garden from the Agent's brochure

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