When travelling around on the Harley you find yourself with lots of thinking time.  My mind started going over all the places we have been since the girls were small.  Our usual family holidays were either Southwold or Wales. Peter never had much in the way of holiday working in a family business, so going overseas was out. 

Then in 1990 we decided life was too short to work all the time so we looked into going to Jersey in the Channel Islands. What we discovered, was that we could go to Florida cheaper than we could go to Jersey. So the decision was made, passports updated to include the girls, flights booked and away we went, and we've never looked back.

Yes, life is too short to work all the time, its just a necessary to pay for those holidays.

BTW we have still never been to Jersey!

I have included a few photographs where I can, pre 2004 are printed photos, so require me to have access to a scanner, the time and inclination.  I started blogging in 2009 so I have included links to posts (some of which are very sketchy) so you can read about the trips and view photographs.  It was interesting to see how few photos I took on some the the earlier trips, obviously once I got the hang of the digital camera there was no stopping me.

It was one of our earlier trips to the USA that got Peter into Harley's in the first place.  In the early days of owning the bike we spent most weekends travelling to one local rally or another, we certainly got to see quite a bit of the UK.  The bike got upgraded three times, the further afield we travelled, not much fun on the back of a Sportster! As a point of interest - the annual European Harley Rally gives us a new area to travel too. We only pop into the rally for a day - lets face it once you've been to one you have been to them all; spending most of the time just travelling around.

To save you having to scroll to the bottom of the page for more recent years - which all have blog posts, here are:

2019 - France of course, there are plans afoot to go to New Zealand.  I just need to figure out how I cope with the long flights
2018 - Edinburgh, France - lots
2017 - Derbyshire, France, Southwold
2016 - New York, France and Southwold
2015 - Southwold in Jan, France in August and Southwold in November - more photos Southwold and here
2014 - France (there are links to all the posts I did for this holiday on the link) and Southwold
- predictable I know!! - USA comes to the UK
2013 -  USA - New York StateWashingtonVirginiaFrance, and of course Southwold.
2012 - London,  France/Spain/Portugal - Cascais Rally,  LondonLe Touquet, FranceSouthwold 
2011 - Thornham,  France,  Southwold
2010 - Suffolk,  Chicago,  France/Italy/Switzerland - Lake Lugano Rally,  Southwold,  Brussels

The rest are here as far as I can remember -

1990 - Orlando & Miami - Florida
1991 - Orlando & St Petersburg - Florida
1992 - Los Angeles - 3 weeks travelling
1993 - Southwold, Corfu
1994 - Denver - 2 weeks travelling
1995 - Southwold, Corfu
1996 - San Franciso - 2 weeks travelling, Corfu
1997 - St Lucia with friends
1998 - Dublin, Corfu
1999 - Denver - 2 weeks travelling
2000 - Canada & New England Harley Bike Tour with friends
2001 - Scotland
2002 - Atlanta - 2 weeks touring (25th WA and visiting Rachel)
2003 - Barcelona 100th Anniversary Rally/France
2004 - USA 3 month Bike Trip - check out USA Trip 2004 or Travelling Tales tags for instalments
2005 - France - St Tropez Rally - June, Loire Valley - September

St Tropez Trip - visiting the Normandy Beaches on the way back via Mirepoix

Loire Valley Trip - Chateau Villandry

2006 - Killarney Ireland,  France,  Southwold
2007 - Spain - Fuengirola Rally,  France, Southwold


France - Mount Ventoux Region

Southwold - Peter and eldest

2008 - Hadrian Wall,  Italy - Lake Garda Rally,  Southwold

Hadrians Wall - yes we walked all 89 miles!!!

Italy - Lake Garda/Venice Trip

2009 - France, and Southwold
We did lots of walking on this French holiday - Montcabrier - see the BBQ at our cottage in the woods


  1. 2013- Met a friend at a yet to be determined location. Perhaps Luray, VA and Washington DC?
    Perhaps another location that we both have yet to explore?

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