7 December 2018

Hello December

How are you all coping with dull December days?  I really feel the need to hibernate.  We woke to torrential rain and high winds this morning and the lights were on until midday.  Fortunately the rain has blown through now and the sun has put in an appearance.  I'm still not feeling the desire to go out though.

I'm feeling pleased that the majority of my Christmas shopping is now done and I made a start on writing the cards today.  Rachel and I are going on a wreath making workshop tomorrow and Jess is coming over on Sunday to help decorate the tree and cake.  She has invited her parents and brother for tea and wants to do baking too, so lets hope we have enough time.

Yesterday was my Thursday Flower Club and we made table decorations.  I plan on swapping out some of the flowers for roses nearer Christmas day, but am happy with the overall arrangement

Jess loves to craft - so part of her present from us is craft supplies.  I looked for a suitable bag for them and nothing really appealed so I have made one for her.  Of course what little girl doesn't love pink. I applied the ribbon on with bondaweb and then knitted her name.  I can tell you my wrists were aching from those S's!  I glued the buttons on with a glue gun as I couldn't face sewing them all on.   

I started another sweater for myself, this is from the latest issue of Simply Knitting, I've adapted the pattern a bit.  Given it a corrugated rib in three colours, lengthened the overall jumper and also will be knitting the front the same length, its supposed to be a hi-lo jumper

I've nearly done with the sleeves - 2 at a time, so much easier then you don't have to worry about making sure they are the same length.

As we don't have an advent calendar we decided it might be fun to do a pre-dinner cocktail a day..... It will use up all those odds and ends of bottles that are lurking in the back of the cupboard and brighten up the day, well that's our excuse anyway.  I have been checking out online for ideas and adapting where necessary.  Must admit a few of them haven't been as boozy as they should have been as I subbed soda or sparkling pear for Prosecco.  All have tasted fine.  We have restricted ourselves to just the one a night, apart from mulled cider night.

Gin and Elderflower
Marmalade Gin and tonic - amazing 
Cranberry and Elderflower (vodka) Cocktail
Mulled cider
La Dolce Vita - minus the Prosecco
Mango and Lemon Cocktail (vodka) another good one minus the Prosecco
Today's cocktail is dictated by our dinner - steak fajitas - so it will be Margaritas all the way.

Right time to sign off and go and check on my "napping boys" - I can still hear laughing so I doubt its happening

28 November 2018


What a BUSY month.  Looking back through the photos on my phone, we seemed to have done lots this month.  I already shared a few things in earlier posts this month.  So what else have we been up to?  If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen some of these photos already

We went walking -

Wicken Fen on a beautiful sunny day

Godmanchester Nature Reserve

Attended the Remembrance Parade in St Ives

Did a good amount of knitting -

For Gus

For me

Went to France for 12 days, more walking, some gardening, brass cleaning, cooking, jam making, generally helping out and spending time with the boys

And now we are home with just a few days of the month left.  The cat was so pleased to see us, she's not stopped purring yet. 

December looks like being busy too.  I need to get on with Christmas shopping.  I have my monthly flower club next week, along with a wreath making workshop on the Saturday.  A blood donation (had to cancel the last one due to being ill).  Hair appointment and various other things to fit in along the way.  Christmas cake decoration. Family visits and time with friends.

I plan on starting another sweater for myself and maybe another ten stitch, this time for our bedroom. Also a request is in for a man sweater.  A book to finish reading and a pile of others to get into.  Just as well the garden has gone to sleep for the winter and I can legitimately put my feet up and enjoy the long afternoons and evenings.

Take care of yourselves and keep well

7 November 2018

How about a winter break?

Thinking about the long winter ahead.......  Those days that seem to last forever when the weather isn't great......... I don't know about you, but I yearn for a change of scene......... so I thought I'd tell you about a great offer at my favourite French chateau, to beat those winter blues.

Come and enjoy a luxurious three-night break for two at Chateau de le Ruche this winter, with a home-cooked, four-course supper every evening and a hearty breakfast every morning for just €399.

Stuck for a gift? - I think this would make a wonderful Christmas present for a couple to share.
Get away with friends.
A romantic Valentines.
Or just a luxurious treat for yourself in the French countryside.

If you go before Christmas then you can explore the Christmas market in Le Mans and buy your presents at the same time.  There are lots of lovely small towns and villages to explore in the Loire valley.  An all round great location.

Their website is - chateaudelruche.com for full details and your chance to see more of the chateau and grounds.  You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook

This truly is a great offer and open until the end of February, so check out the local tourist office and start planning your trip

and btw ........

Calling all those Le Mans car/bike race fans - something you might like to know they do special bespoke packages just for you - check out their events page for details

4 November 2018

Have a heart

Good evening.  Here we are on another Sunday, another month.  November is here already and there is Christmas on the horizon.  The ads have started with a vengeance and there are Christmas knits popping up on Instagram and Ravelry.  I have no plans for any seasonal knitting this year.  I'm hoping that the grandkids sweaters will do another year.

I got the hat done for Jess and along with it a cowl/neck warmer.  She loved the hat and not yet seen the cowl, but what's not to like?

I had planned to start on a tunic top for me but now I'm knitting a sweater for Gus, he also needs a neck warmer so will get that done too, then turn my attention to me.

We have been trying to get out walking most days.  Wednesday we walked from the village to Houghton Mill, then along the river loop and back - 6 miles

We strolled into St Ives yesterday for the Farmers Market - 3 miles and today went for a walk around Hinchingbrooke Country Park - 4.1 miles.  We are fortunate to have some good walks close at hand

I think I've finally seen the back of my cold, I had an awful sinus headache on Thursday afternoon which put me to bed early and left me feeling wrung out on Friday.

Not much planned as yet for the coming week apart from giving blood and a pension review, exciting or what?  Actually I tell a lie, we are going to see Seasick Steve on Friday evening, that should be fun.  In fact that will be the second concert in two weeks, I forgot to tell you about Jools Holland last Sunday, a very good show, he never fails to please.