17 September 2014

WIP Wednesday - hats galour

Its a week since I last blogged - I have plenty to show - Hats of all type - Some knitted, some otherwise.

Its been a busy week..... grandchildren..... wedding dress shopping - successful ..... knitting groups..... all sorts.

Here is last week's WIP completed

and the others I've done over the week

I'm currently knitting hats for a forthcoming holiday.  The family love to have matching hats, we are going for something a bit different this year.  I have 2 done, I'll show them when they are all done.  So thats it for this week, and yes still working on the Ten Stitch blanket

10 September 2014

WIP Wednesday - Impressionist

Morning all, that's assuming you are reading this in the morning, if not then hi hope you are having a good day.

Work continues on the stash busting of ball oddments.  My friend Kathy says that I am now going into my Claude Monet "Impressionist" phase with the colours I'm using.  What do you think?

First the work in progress - this will be a stripey number, I hoping the dark purple will last through the hat!  Just a basic beanie pattern

One I finished yesterday......

and this the day before

and one I had already shared, but sharing again as I get more visitors on a Wednesday

I am still working on the ten stitch blanket, slowly. I do need to get on and finish this off but doing these hats is such fun.

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8 September 2014

Weekend - Tidy time

Its that time of year, the garden is starting to go over and there is lots of clearing up to do.  We spent a busy few days starting the clear out of the borders.  We had a bit of help from the girls

I wouldn't mind their help if the could just put the mess in a bag rather than throwing it everywhere.  We still have a fair bit of colour, these Rudbeckia are going strong

Apples, these are windfalls, in need to juicing.  There is also a basket of walnuts, all that Peter could rescue from the squirrels.

Runner beans, these are still going strong too, this lot got turned into another batch of Delia's pickled beans. Any suggestions for other things to do with them when you are tired of eating them and you don't like them from frozen?

They ripen by the day........

The first hat from the pink/purple bag.  This is simple beanie done in a slip stitch pattern taken from an Erika Knight pattern in the Love Knitting for Baby magazine Feb/Mar 2014, pretty.

I cast on another in the lilac yarn and am doing it in a little shell pattern from one of the Harmony stitch guides. Photos to follow

4 September 2014

Knitting - more stash busting

I have finally got to the end of the bag of blue yarn, just a few oddments left that will do for fairisle. I decided to look through my stash and sort out all those started balls and bag them up into colourways.  More hats are on the horizon.  I enjoy knitting them and its good to see what changes you can come up with to make them all look a bit different.

I managed 8 hats and the blanket bunny from the blues.  This is the final one

This is the yarn I will be knitting up, all double knit weight, mainly acrylic, perhaps the odd bit of cotton or wool in the mix here and there

A friend commented on Facebook - every great artist has their "blue" period - so here is mine

1 September 2014

Family - more from the weekend

It has been a busy weekend, - the meetup on Saturday, a visit to my parents on Friday, a long walk, blackberry picking/jam making yesterday.  I'm sure I go to work just for a rest, lets hope the boss never reads this!

Friday - Rachel and I took Jess to visit her great grandparents, we had a lovely day, and Jess was pure entertainment, dishing out lots of smiles and charming them both. I shall be very glad when the improvements to the A11 are finished as it took us over 2 hours to get home and Miss J was a very unhappy little girl for the stationary portion of the journey.  Normal journey time is around 1 hour 10mins.

on the train with great-grandad

Girls - 4 generations

Sunday - we decided to take ourselves off for a walk and pick some blackberries.  There are so many about this year, and as we are completely out of blackberry jam - Ru's favourite - I needed to restock.

we picked just under 6lbs
 We had a lovely walk, picked some wild hops, saw some wild bees, and just enjoyed the sunshine, a pub lunch and one anothers company

Chicken of the woods
Bell vine
wild bees - bottom of the opening

Scampi, chips and mushy peas
have man why carry - see his hands are still free
"water sausages" - according to Rufus
Granny jam - blackberry and apple
All in all it was a great weekend, no plans for this weekend coming. I'm sure there will be plenty to do, there always is. Lots of garden jobs. The weather is supposed to stay warm, though currently its pouring with rain.

Oh before I forget, here's a bit of knitting I've not shared

a basic beanie I forget to show you finished
Aviatrix hat - love this have another on the go now
a spare bunny for Miss J as its a firm favourite
and nothing worse than losing a favourite, especially at bedtime!