21 December 2014

The tree is dressed

Finally I have got round to sharing the photos of the tree in its finery.  It really is a lot bigger than last years, so I've had to spread things out a bit.  Happy with the results though and the barn certainly is a great home for a tree of this size.  Some the the baubles we have had forever and some are fairly new, this years' new additions are the owls which I bought in the January sales.

I think I am more or less ready for Christmas, a few presents still to wrap, and the food shop.  I try to get everything I think we will need and then go nowhere near the large supermarkets until after new year, getting anything else locally.

All it leaves me to do is to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a big thank you for stopping by to read my blog and leaving your kind comments.  I will be doing a run down of the year in the coming week; looking back so far I certainly did plenty of knitting.  Have a wonderful Christmas to you all.

Sue aka Granny Sue

14 December 2014

Tree day

Today we went for the tree. For the last few years we have gone with Rebecca to Digby Farm near Stamford to get our tree.  Peter borrows a van from work and the boys get to ride in it, whilst us girls follow in the car.

The draw for the boys is the bouncy castles which keeps them occupied whilst the adults are choosing a tree

There were plenty to choose from and they were bringing them in from the field as fast as people were buying them.  Peter selected one for us but I wasn't that happy so got to have a look myself, coming back with one that was at least 3 foot bigger and a whole lot wider.

I think I may have gone just a bit too big, as I can't reach the top even with a step ladder, not sure how we will get the star on, perhaps we will  need either Rachel or Stu who are both considerably taller than us!!

I plan to leave it to settle for a day or so then tackle the decoration.  I'll post photos when I'm done.  How was your weekend?

11 December 2014

Oh joy another cold

Sorry to report that I have been under the weather this past week.  After posting last week, my sore, dry throat took a turn to a full blown head cold.

We went to the Winter Fair, it was a beautiful day, freezing cold, but I felt miserable, cold and shivery. I did take a few photos, but nothing special as just didn't feel like it.  Jess enjoyed herself though and got lots of comments on her hat.

All tucked up warm and cosy

Sunday sniffled my way through the day. Went into work Monday full of cold.  Tuesday's sale, which went well. I made a few sales and took orders for 2 cardigans, a jumper, head band and mittens.

After everyone had left and I had cleared up, I was due to go to Dolphin knitters but was feeling decidedly odd - headache, dizzy, ringing ears.  I tucked myself up in front of the fire with a cuppa and a couple of paracetamol, hoping that I would feel better as I was due to go out for dinner with the Crafty Ladies Group. By 6pm I was in bed, I felt so awful dizzy and sick and disappointed to miss two events in one day.  

I have been off work this last 2 days feeling rubbish for want of a better word. The dizziness has finally passed but I still have blocked/ringing ears and a headache.  The only plus point is I did get my cards written!!

Hope everyone else is feeling well and fit and have their Christmas shopping under control.  I still have a fair bit to do, so I need to get myself well.  Time for tea and tablets me thinks

5 December 2014

Knitting - FO Friday

Morning everyone (or evening/afternoon depending on when you read this).  Its been a long week and I plan to enjoy every minute of the next 3 days, doing what I like to do best.  Spend time with my family, knit, maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping and just have some fun. Its the annual Mill Road Winter Fair tomorrow, so lots of fun and food.  I'll be sure to have my camera with me.

I have been working on some more hats and also some very cute boots, I think I am just a bit in love with the boot pattern and as trying to see how many ways I can knit these to make them different. These are to fit 6-12 months and they are knitted in acrylic, great for using up oddments.  The pattern is beautiful bootees from Cute Knits for baby feet

These I knitted for Jess a while back from the same pattern

This hat I made up as I went along, using aran weight yarn, I made a crocheted chain for the embellishment

Again using aran weight yarn this hat is a mix of a couple of patterns - age 5 years +

Then another headband and some mitts - sorry some to the photos are a bit yellow, but shot them at night!

So thats my output for the week, sale on Tuesday, then hopefully I can have a bit of a break and knit something else.  Miss J needs some more cardigans as she is putting on a growth spurt.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check back for the Winter Fair photos.  Here is a taste of previous years 2013, 2012

1 December 2014

Sunday Walk

As promised we went for a walk yesterday and I took the camera.

We are fortunate to have lots of walks close at hand, but some would say unfortunate that we now have to share them with all and sundry due to the guided busway and the RSPB taking over the lake areas.  The riverside walkways are so well walked these days that they have been turned to mud in places, making for difficult, messy, wet and unpleasant walking.  Me thinks we need to get some different boots for winter walking.

fields laying with water already, doesn't bode well

wet socks!!
It was a beautiful morning and a joy to be outside, lots of bird life........ and people!  Time was we would do this walk and never see another soul.  How times change, but at least people are getting out and enjoying what is around them.

30 November 2014

Knitting - All about more hats

The hat knitting continues, I'm actually enjoying this project, and we have a fair number of ladies coming for our Granny's World knitting sale and coffee morning - scary!!

Along with the hats, headbands and mittens there will be some pocket money odds and ends. Flower hair ties, flower brooches, and button hair clips

My dear husband has been searching Ebay for some more reels, love this latest collection, they actually make great hat stands too!

In amongst the knitting, life still goes on. Yesterday we got more wood cut and stacked, leaves cleared (again...... will they never end), soup made - this weekend's is Leek and Potato

Here are a few photos from the garden- I picked an olive, which are slowly ripening, soft and oily, but oh so bitter - I knew this but still had to taste.  I threw the olive to the chickens who were in the yard, it was so funny, one of them kept pecking at it, then wiping her beak on the gravel, then going back for more, as stupid as me.

Sunday stretches out in front of us.  We should do something about Christmas shopping but can't be bothered, its currently misty, but I feel the need of a walk before settling down to more knitting.  Maybe I'll take my camera out, I've not shared a walk in a while.  See you later