27 August 2014

Knitting - More from the bag of blue

A couple of weeks back I decided to work through a bag of blue yarn.  Here are my latest projects worked from the bag.

There is still a way to go but I'm enjoying seeing what I can get out of it.  Thats all for today, looks like the sun is going to shine, which makes a change from the last week or so.

25 August 2014

Family - Raining again..... it must be a holiday!

Today is the last public holiday until Christmas, and guess what, its raining.  In fact its pouring and due to be all day. This morning I have finished one of my WIP's. I had hoped to get it done for Ru to take home, but with a sleeve still to do and too much playing to be done I figured it would keep for another week.

We at least had a dry weekend for the boys, so I guess a day sitting around quietly will actually be the best way to recuperate!!

Friday Miss J and her mummy joined us for some play......

spot the engagement ring - she has finally announced it to the world, well Facebook, so thats as good as xx
Singing and dancing........


Modelling........ one I made earlier

Blackberrying, actually there wasn't much to show as the boys ate most of them!!

Laurie kindly gave up the tractor to let Miss J take the driving seat, not sure there won't be a fight in years to come, as Miss J loved "driving"

Saturday we took the boys to Flag Fen  for a dino dig.

Sunday the digging continued in the garden.... we may have hidden a few things for him to find


Chicken herding....

 Another apple! I'm actually not sure how many he picked up and ate, at least we know they are fresh and we have more than enough to go round

Coffee time and then to decide which WIP to work on next, me thinks that maybe a bit of ten stitch would go down well, sort of mindless knitting.  Enjoy your day off if you have one

22 August 2014

20 August 2014

Knitting - WIP and food for free

This week I am working on a sweater for our eldest grandson.  He wanted orange but we are making a compromise, navy with orange and cream stripes. Hopefully I will have this done by the weekend when they come to stay, so I will get him to model it.  The yarn is King Cole Big Value DK, pattern is just a basic drop shoulder.

Now for the food for free - hubby and I have been very good this past 2 weeks, walking before dinner. Today he spotted this puff ball mushroom in the meadow.  This will make some good eating

Whilst on the subject of eating, I'll share tonights dinner, it looked so lovely when I dished it up.  It also tasted pretty good too.