17 July 2019

Yorkshire - Malham - Janets Foss, Weets Top, Carlton, Airton, Hanlith

And here we are at last Friday, a warm and sunny day, perfect for a stroll!!  This walk was a challenge at times..
the purple walk on the map

this is just part of the instructions there was another sneaky STEEPLY near the end of the walk too

We did the full route, can you spot in the instructions where it says STEEPLY, they weren't kidding. I honestly thought the uphill part would go on forever.  Plus before the uphill we had added in a visit to Gordale Scar which added another mile or so to the walk.

Janet's Foss

Gordale Scar

That steeply walk to Weets Top

Then 2.5 miles of moorland - bliss - views and downhill 

Rest of the walk - can you see the Ent?

An enjoyable walk save the steep bits, and the perfect end to our Yorkshire Trip.  We popped into the Courtyard Dairy Cheese Shop and stocked up on far too many cheeses to bring home.  They also have a Gin shop but we steered clear as now we belong to the Craft Gin Club we don't need any more encouragement!!

15 July 2019

Yorkshire - The Lakes & Ingleborough Caves (Clapham)

So now we are at Wednesday, another wet and dreary start.  We decided to head up into Cumbria and visit Hawkshead, drive back via Coniston Water and then on to Grange over Sands.  As it turned out the weather did improve and we were able to enjoy a walk around both Hawkshead and Grange without getting wet.

The traffic going up once we hit Lake Windermere was busy and we decided not bothering to stop as we had been before.  The roads in Yorkshire/Cumbria are very much of the twisty narrow kind, you know single track in lots of places, dry stone walls and high hedges making it feel more enclosed than ever.  I was very glad to arrive in Hawkshead in one piece, hard to believe that coaches regularly use these roads.  I'm sure I get more nervous the older I get. Hawkshead is the home of the Beatrix Potter Gallery, not that we visited. We went and got ourselves new walking jackets from the Hawkshead Outdoor Clothing Co and enjoyed a cup of tea and a cheese scone for brunch in their cafe, having left home without bothering with breakfast


Next stop was Coniston Water, we just pulled over where possible for me to take photos rather than go walking in the misty murk

Then onto Grange over Sands - makes me laugh every time, there is no beach, the only sands are quick ones..... Set on Morecombe Bay the views are lovely and a haven for wildfowl.  There is a great walk along the promenade which is planted up beautifully, sorry no pictures and the railway runs along behind that, giving the passengers a great view of the coast.

See what I mean no sand, just marshes.  It does however have an amazing butchers shop Higginsons, where we bought ribeye steaks, lamb leg steaks, also pork, apple and black pudding pies which we had for a picnic lunch later in the week.

We then decided that as we were fairly close to Morecombe we would drive round and take a look.  If I tell you we didn't bother getting out of the car you will know how good it looked.  So sad to see such a run down seaside town.  Sign of the times in some areas I guess.

Thursday - another damp start, in fact it rained on and off all morning so we decided we might as well go indoors so to speak.  I'm not a great lover of confined spaces so for me going into caves took a bit of researching.  When I saw you could take in a buggy/stroller I figured I'd be ok.  It stated there were only two low spots.  To get to the caves you drive to Clapham a pretty conservation village, which boasts a yarn shop.  Of course I had to pay a visit - Beckside Yarns - what an Aladdin's cave, so much yarn over two floors in this small shop.  Sandra the owner was very friendly and only too happy to chat.  Of course I had to buy something, would be rude not too, right?

The walk to the caves is 1.5 miles long and very pleasant, alongside a lake with information points along the way

Once at Ingleborough caves you are supplied with a hard hat, I won't show you the photos they do no favours, but we were glad to be wearing them especially at the low spots. The link gives you the history of the caves if interested.  I thought it was pretty good, the tour lasted about 45 mins and was very informative.

is it me or do these look rude?

can you see the elephant?

A walk back into Clapham (downhill) and a spot of late lunch - a Yorkshire classic - fruit cake and cheese and a pot of tea - perfect

That was Wednesday and Thursday done.  You can read the first parts here and here if you missed them