3 March 2015

Something new

I am trying to find some inspiration for blog posts.  You may notice they have been a bit thin on the ground lately.  I have decided that I will share at the end of each month, a pictorial of that month by way of random photos or a collage.  As we are now into the third month.  March already!!  Here are photos from January and February.

First January

Then February, looks like a did quite a bit of knitting

Pirate Pete

Captain Rufus
Slinky Malinki

I have also been working on some projects that I can't share for now but will be revealed in the fullness of time.  I am very excited about them, but also very happy that they are completed........ pressure off!

1 March 2015

Weekend - you can come again

We have seen lots of Jess this weekend.  Friday was my "Jess day", a beautiful day, we managed to get out in the sunshine for 2 good walks, 2 good naps and lots of play.

Saturday she had her first trip out on a bicycle.  It was grey and very windy, but she enjoyed her trip

She was back later in the afternoon to stay the night for the first time on her own.  Her mummy and daddy had a lovely evening out and a lay in.  She was so good.  Ate a huge dinner of cottage pie and baked beans followed by a yogurt.  Bath, stories and bed.  She woke briefly at 5:40am then chatted herself back to sleep until 7:30am.

For breakfast she demolished 5 banana pancakes, this girl loves her food!

This child is always so happy and smiley, long may it continue.

The cardigan is one knitted for Rufus when he was small and does duty in lieu of a dressing gown. I don't have a photo of Laurie wearing it but here is Rufus

We did manage to get a bit of gardening done yesterday, still lots to do, but it is lovely that the afternoons are starting to draw out.  1 March today, spring is around the corner, 12 weeks to the wedding.........

22 February 2015

Weekend - a poorly boy, some knitting and a birthday

This should be entitled "vomit is not a good look on me".

Poor Laurie was sick all over me on Friday evening, to be honest as I was carrying him downstairs and he started to retch, my one thought was not on the stair carpet, so I chose to take the lot.  We had a really rough night, high temperatures and restless, needless to say I didn't get much sleep, it was like trying sleeping with a very hot water bottle.  His Mummy came and collected him early, putting pay to their quiet weekend and left Rufus to continue his weekend with us.  I can't remember the last time we had just Rufus, it was nice but we all missed Laurie.  Kids are funny, normally they are both vying for individual attention but on his own he did miss his brother.

We did lots of work in the garden and Rufus was building an extension for the chicken run and planning where Pops is going to build a treehouse and play area.

Knitting - I just finished this hooded poncho for Jess, the pattern is Hooded Baby Poncho by Lion Brand and the yarn is Stylecare Aran.  The buttons were chosen by Rufus, apparently the the large heart is me, the yellow star him, the dragonfly Laurie and the pink heart Jess.

Today is Jess' birthday, one today.  She will be coming over later for cake.  Here is a picture collage of her first year, such a happy smiley little girl.

and some of her modelling some of her knitwear, she really is a great model and I am so happy that her mummy loves handknits.

Happy birthday Jessica and get well little Laurie xx

19 February 2015

Gardening - the great tidy up starts

Yesterday afternoon was glorious, so I decided that I needed to get onto the garden.  The chickens have had free reign of it for a while and they have been throwing stuff all over the place.  They are actually quite good at kicking the leaves about but it was high time for a tidy.  Their area is now restricted as I'm finding lots of new shoots with pecked ends, hubby blames the deer but I'm not so sure!

Here are some of the lovelies I uncovered, I know I show you these every year but I just love hellebore and once all the leaves from last year are clipped back they really come into their own.

I have lots of clumps of snowdrops too

The frost is taking it toll on the brickwork to the patio wall - pretty moss though

The hat for the Sailors' Society is finished and in the post.  Can't say I enjoyed the pattern that much and it seemed like an awful lot of stitches, perhaps sailors have big heads!

I'm currently knitting a hooded poncho for Jess, no photos to share right now, but its this pattern 

It will be a busy weekend - collecting the boys tomorrow for the weekend and Jessica will be one on Sunday, can you believe a year has gone so quickly.