26 July 2014

Family - 2

Today we wish Laurie a happy birthday  
2 today.  

What can I say about Laurie?  

He's a happy, rough and tumble, independent little boy.  
His vocabulary well beyond his tender age 
and most importantly he makes us laugh with the things he comes out with.

Have a wonderful day and see you soon

Love Granny & Pops (Popsy)

love those curls

24 July 2014

Knitting - some holiday knitting

I just realised I've not shown you what I knitted whilst on holiday.  In-between all that walking and sightseeing I did manage to get some knitting done.

Dress and matching hat for Jessica, I was down to the last few inches of the main colour on this one, quite scary, hence it got a flower rather than the matching bow.

Pattern is by Angela Turner - from Love Knitting for Baby June issue and the hat is another Fun in the Sun, also by Angela Turner
Yarn - Rico Design Essential Cotton DK

The next is a sweater for Laurie, I'm using just a basic pattern and adding the stripe pattern.  The sleeves will have stripes around the cuffs too.  It is further along than this but this was the post holiday stage.

Yarn - Sirdar Denim Tweed with some Sirdar Snuggly for the stripes

23 July 2014

Holiday - Caunes Minervois

As previously mentioned Caunes was our base for this holiday this year.  We decided to go "in town" for a change. What we didn't anticipate about  living in a medieval town was that the houses would be so dark.  Those streets may look quaint but they don't let in much light.  You also don't get much in the way of garden, if any.

and when it rains the alleyways become rivers

This is the house across the alley, you have to get on with your neighbours, they are close at hand

This area is famous for its red/pink marble and there are lots of examples around the town

There are a number of good restaurants and we enjoyed an amazing meal at the La Marbrerie  we went for the menu Cathare - 7 courses, could hardly move when we were done.  We also ate at the La Mangeorie on the two Sundays we were there, they do a set meal with music, well worth a visit.  People just turn up and play, turns into a real jam session.

There is also a Tapas bar by the abbey, they also have live music but the night we planned to go it was full and also because it is open air, is only open if the weather is good.  We did manage a beer or two there one afternoon.

Another thing about old stone houses is they attract visitors, meet the Languedoc scorpion, apparently not poisonous but gives you a nasty nip! The one in the jar fell out of Peter's book onto his lap.  Think it was the fastest he moved all holiday. The other one got crushed underfoot, which is how I came to notice him in the first place.

So that was our holiday.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about it.  If you missed any installments then check out the links below.

Another visit to France, Walking, Canal due Midi, Markets, Carcassonne, Lastours & Minerve

Until next time

22 July 2014

Holiday - Carcassonne

High on a hill stands a fairytale castle 
  like something a child would draw.  

I love it 

Its the second we have been. 
It didn't disappoint 
though the weather could have been kinder

After our initial walk around 
a stop for coffee 
and then some lunch - apparently my cassoulet is better

we paid to walk the battlements
that too was fun, though a tad scary at times

The French don't seem to worry about health and safety

You need to have a head for heights

 and watch out for the pigeons

and ALL the tourists 
yes I know we were there too!

Want to see some photos

Here they come ........

see what I mean about health and safety - kids were running around these!

Wondering about all those letters earlier on, they come from here, not a great shot but I couldn't fit it all in.  They tell the history

Carcassonne new town was pleasant, when I say new, its pretty old too. Check out the links at the start of the post for the history bits.  It has a great market on a Saturday, busy, but some amazing produce. Here are some random shots of old buildings etc that we spotted whilst wandering around.