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18 May 2016

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Good morning, hope all is well in your world today.  We have grey skies and drizzle right now, perfect weather for knitting as there is no guilt about being outside and doing the garden.  However, the house needs some attention!  Oh well you know what they say "dust if you must" I love this poem

I have two WIPs on the go at the moment.  A cardigan for Jess

and a hat for Angus

Whilst talking about Angus, who is 1 week old today, here is a cute photo I took on Monday, all snugged up in some Granny's knits.  Adorable or what?

11 May 2016


Angus Henry, who arrived this morning at 3:09am just a few hours over his due day.  Nice timing young man at least you didn't keep us waiting. Everyone is doing well and Jess is pretty chuffed with her new brother.

9 May 2016

Thank you, thank you

My previous blog post has got a great response on here and on Facebook, thank you very much for all your lovely comments.  Consensus is that you want me to continue blogging.  That pleases me very much as it's made me realise I'm not talking to myself! I have replied to everyone, either on the comments page (does anyone actually get these?) or via email if I have your address.  There are still lots of you out there that are "" so it means I can't reply to you personally.

So what have we been up to since last I wrote?  The weather has been amazing here in the UK, hotter than most of Europe.  It is however, due to break tonight but it does mean that the garden will get a water.

The garden is looking great and whilst it's a lot of work it is worth it.  I've not done any knitting, but have got some reading in.  (not sure why the text has changed size)

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new grandson, due day tomorrow, but he'll come when he's ready.

5 May 2016

Do people still read blogs?

I find myself wondering how much longer to keep blogging.  Do people still read them?  If they do, they don't comment that much. With Facebook, Twitter (don't get that) and Instagram (I like that), who has time to read blogs?  I must admit the only ones I regularly read are Supergran, North of 49, Knit One, Raised 4 , Small Things, all the others in my feed just seem to require far too much time.

 When I first started blogging it was to record my knitting.  I didn't actually plan for it to evolve in the way it did.  It has proved to be a handy reference point if we ever wonder when something happened, and also great for quickly looking up photographs.

Looking back over the last few months it seems that I am reverting back to just posting about knitting, photography and the garden and that's fine with me.

To that end, this is what I've been up to on that front.

Body Warmer for Miss J

Peter's teddy
Retro cardigan for baby R 
inherited yarn tangle
thats better!
My knitting area in the sitting room

Breakfast at Herbies

Village church
Puddle jumper

29 April 2016

Busy fingers

Take a small child, some muffin cases, and a jar of colourful buttons........ endless fun

25 April 2016

Knitting - for want of a needle

I finally got hold of my teeny tiny circular to do the sleeves on my cardigan.  I love this little pattern.  In fact love all of Pekapeka patterns I have knitted so far. The fact that most of Kelly's newborn patterns are free is an added bonus.

This pattern is called Emma Asked -

Check out these beautiful flowers I was given this weekend. Flowers from Miss Pickering in Stamford - thank you Beck and Tim xx