29 July 2015

August Break

I saw this on Facebook earlier and decided it was time for me to take a break from blogging for a while. The idea is that you post just a photo each day/week/whenever in August.  There is a list of suggested topics to choose from as a guide, but you can post what you like. If you fancy joining in then go the Susannah's blog for full details and link up

I guess this is one you can prepare in advance for the times when you are too busy to take that daily photograph. Normal service will continue until Saturday, I think this promises to be fun

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Good morning, its chilly here today and I'm wearing a cardigan for the first time in weeks; if I didn't know better I'd say it was autumn!

Knitting this week - I'd like to say I've been good and continued working on my cardigan, its at the just added sleeves stage but I'm bored with it. I need to move onto a circular needle to give me more room but I'm seriously considering frogging it.  Here is the progress on my cardigan what do you think?

I was very naughty on Sunday evening and cast on a shawl.  The pattern is Over Sea to Skye, and the yarn I using is Filati da Collezione 100% organic cotton DK weight (its a bit splitty).  I love this pattern, so well written and easy to follow, plus a very quick to knit.

This was where I was at yesterday morning

and this is where I am at now

I'm a bit in love with shawls are the moment, and have printed off loads of patterns, so can see my stash shrinking very quickly and my wardrobe filling with snuggly shawls and cowls..

28 July 2015

Knitting - photography

I'm on a quest to take better photographs of my knitting projects and just better photographs in general.

My daughter Rebecca pointed me in the direction of this workshop at Makelight - I hesitated at first, not wanting to go alone, then thought what the hell.  Peter plans to come to London with me, but spend the time I'm there on his own pursuits, then meet up later, so win win.

Rebecca has been on several of Emily's workshops and highly recommends them, you can see the proof of the skills she learnt by checking out her blog - Really Pretty Useful.



So watch this space after September 12th and see what tips I pick up.

25 July 2015

Taking a walk

After being shut inside all day yesterday due to heavy rain it was a treat to get out today.  The day started cool but soon warmed up.  We had Miss J overnight so took her into St Ives for coffee (us) and a toasted teacake, Miss J's favourite.

We checked out the cygnets, they have grown quite a bit since we last saw them

Walking back was slow as Miss J decided she would like to walk for a bit, giving me time to snap a few views

Checking out a pathway on her own......

off I go .....

well maybe just a bit further...

maybe that's far enough....

yep I'm coming back.....

Miss J checking out a scuttlebug in the pub garden

backwards is quicker!!

22 July 2015

Knitting - feeling flat

This is just a quick whizz in today to share my latest WIP, you will see why this post is entitled thus!!

The pattern is Rabbit by Lois Daykin from the Baby Knits book.  The yarn used is an aran weight tweed from Aldi or Lidl can't remember which.  The dress is oddments from stash. I used thicker yarns as I wanted her to be a bit bigger than my previous ones.

I shall now spend the evening, stuffing, joining and sewing the dreaded features.  Does anyone else freak out when doing the features?  I also end up with a quizzical look or something that would scare a child to death!!  I plan to draw them on first and then try sewing, wish me luck.

19 July 2015

Sunday skies

A peaceful afternoon in the garden.... with a few glasses of cider ......