3 February 2016

Knitting - and there's more

Just a quick post today. I forgot these little hats when I posted the other day.  Both are 6-12 month size and knitted in a pure wool which I can't now find the band for.  Anyway that's another ball used out of my oddments box

I also finished my 2nd Gallatin Scarf yesterday, yarn used for this was Caron Simply Soft Paints in colourway Harlequin.  It goes perfectly with my new dress, well I think so, you may not!

That's it, bye for now, happy knitting

1 February 2016

Knitting - a few more finished projects

I can't seem to get much enthusiasm for blogging these days, it seems that I'm using it just to share my knitting.  I'm sure once the weather picks up I will have more to share.  

The garden is starting to perk up, there is certainly plenty to do out there if only the weather would play ball.

My finished projects this weekend are the Gallatin Scarf - I made one change, that being garter stitch for the main body rather than the ribbed section.  A very quick knit using Caron Simply Soft Paints.  I have 2 other colourways so plan to make a couple more

Then Jess' doll Annabel or "Baby Darlin" as Laurie calls her, needed some clothes, so I went through my oddments box and came up with these.  The cardigan was adapted from premature baby pattern.

So what else have we been up to?  A visit to my Mum.  Helping Rachel and Stu with their house packing. Sorting baby clothes for new baby due in May - need to get on with the cot blanket. Bit of reading. Work. Just everyday life stuff

26 January 2016

Knitting - Dane Shawl and some knitwear in action

I am certainly getting through some knitting at the moment.  Put it down to the dark winter nights and wet weekends that keep me out of the garden.  That's my excuse anyway.

I finished my Dane Shawl before weekend and have managing to now get it blocked.  I am so happy with the result.  This for me was a challenge.  I normally avoid lace patterns that are charted, preferring written instructions.  When I saw this shawl on Ravelry I knew I would have to get over that and give it a go.  I won't say it was a breeze but once I got going I found the chart easy to follow, just not ideal for TV watching.  The yarn I used was a gift from my friend Joan - Sincere Sheep Silken Fingering - the 500yd skein was enough to do 4 pattern repeats with just a tiny amount left over.  This yarn blocked beautifully, the only problem with it was that I got green fingers whilst knitting, which was odd, as when I soaked it prior to blocking the water was clear!!?

So here is my Dane Shawl

Now onto the knitwear in action.  We had all the grandchildren here this weekend and I was more than happy to see them attired in their warm winter woolies.  The pattern for the boys sweater is this, Jess' this this one and Rachel's is the Ellen Cardigan

17 January 2016

Weekend - all change

This weekend wasn't the one I had expected to have.  I was due to attend my postponed (by me) Photography for Knitters workshop but this was cancelled due the tutor being ill.  It will happen at some point.  Anyway I had a bit of a play on my own today, trying to take some arty shots.  Not really sure if I've succeeded!

I also had a sort out of my button jars, I'm going to run out of space on my shelves before long.  There is something very soothing about sorting buttons.

Whilst talking about sorting, I had a mad panic this morning.  I decided to have a tidy up of my computer, deleting photo folders that had been synced to Google to clear some disk space, it was only as I had done about 6 folders that I noticed a check box was ticked for REMOVE ONLINE COPIES TOO.............No No No.  Yes, they had gone and also the link to photos on my blog....... No No No.  Feeling a bit sick I sat for a few minutes then thought, check the Recycle Bin....... saved there they all were, so I restored and then resynced, photos saved.  However, I need to go through the blog and find the posts involved, I've found a few and sorted those.  If you happen to come across a post with photos missing please give me a shout so I can sort them.  So lesson to self, before you delete anything check twice.

14 January 2016

Knitting - Ellen Cardigan

Good afternoon all, hope you are managing to keep warm.  I came home today in the sleet, lit the woodburner and settled down with a cup of tea and finished Rachel's Ellen Cardigan.  

I  am really happy with how this turned out, even if there was a bit of swearing on the sleeves.  I HATE dpn's so used my smallest circular which was fine at the top of the sleeve but required a bit of jiggling as I got towards the end. I have ordered a few 12" Hiya Hiya needles in various needle sizes so hopefully this will solve any future problems, good use of my Christmas money.

I still need to buy buttons, hopefully this weekend.  The only amendments to the pattern was to add 2" extra to the length of the body and an extra 1" to the sleeves

Best get moving and go shut the chickens up for the night.  Casting on a Dane Shawl this evening

6 January 2016

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Back to work for me this week, hard to have to get up in the dark again, and missing those cups of tea in bed with my book.

I have been working steadily on my Ellen Cardigan, adding an extra 2" due to my daughter being so long in the body.

As I said in my previous post, I dipped into my charity stash box for yarn to knit with at my knitting groups. I didn't manage as much as I'd hoped yesterday due to getting a migraine. I have finally been to the doctor today and got antibiotics for my reoccurring colds/throat/chest/sinus problems.  Lets hope they finally knock these bugs on the head.

Anyway this is what I managed at Mon/Tuesday's groups - both hats 6-12 month size.

3 January 2016

Knitting - January sort out

What to do on a wet and rainy Sunday?  I sat knitting for a while this morning, then decided I really needed to 'do' something.  One of our bedrooms is a guest/craft room and my table was overloaded with "stuff". I've had a good sort out, new buttons into jars, patterns into folders, ribbons sorted and tidy (for a while).

I then sorted out all of the knitted items I seemed to have by me, some that are to go to charity, others as gifts.  I tackled the yarn cupboard next!  I already had a bag of odds and ends but decided that I would go through and sort all the odd balls and designate them to a charity yarn pile.

I then tipped out the bag and sorted all the odds and ends, bits that may just knit a row were also included.  I now have a nice tidy box into which I will add ends as I finish projects.  It amazed me how many shades of red there are in this box and to see what I actually had by way of odd balls.

The plan is only take charity projects to my knitting groups, leaving my main projects at home to work on at my leisure.  A satisfying couple of hours and its still raining