22 March 2019

Can you drive?

I've had a tidy in my craft cupboard today and unearthed my big camera.  Since having my iPhone its been resigned to the cupboard.  A shame really as it takes lovely photos, its just that the phone is always there.  Anyway I charged up the batteries and its now ready for an outing.  I did take a walk around the garden for a few practice shots.  I do like the background defocus on these shots

These were taken on my phone yesterday, its still pretty good for something that's in your hand

So to the title of this post.  At 5pm our daughter called to say she was stuck in traffic and would be late picking up Gus, I offered to run him home rather than he be late for dinner.  I collected up his stuff, put his seat in the car, strapped him in and went to get into the driving seat.  He looked at me and said "Granny can you drive?" (I don't drive that much these days with Peter about, he usually does all the driving), to which I said "What do you think?" and he said "No, get Pops".  He's not yet three and he is questioning my ability to drive him home!  Out of the mouths of babes.

No plans for the weekend as yet.  I may go and get plants, or I may just sit in the garden (its supposed to be nice) and do my knitting, or I could start sorting out the outside store space and then paint the gate, I've had the paint for at least 9 months...….  whatever you are up to have fun

21 March 2019

Off the needles

Good morning Thursday.  I wake today with nothing on the needles. The March socks are finished as is the Hine top for Jess.  What to do next.  I'm thinking along the lines of a lighter weight cardigan.  I had started a sweater for me a few weeks ago but then decided there was little point as I'd get no wear this year now.  So a cardigan it will be, layers is best.  I think I'll use the Sirdar Harrup Tweed still and work a bit of colour in around the bottom and cuffs.  I need to wade through my patterns to find something that appeals..

Whats this below? 

We picked up this tandem yesterday from a friend who is having a clear out. Its destined for France, something for guests to use.  We did try it out, but I must admit it would take some getting used to, finding the balance and trusting the person that's up front.  Who knew we start off cycle riding on different sides, me right, him left.  As I say its off to the Chateau, along with a boat that we have to pick up from an uncle.  Yes, it looks like we will have another laden trip, just as well we bought their trailer back with us.

Plans for today - looks like I'll be weeding the front garden and having a general tidy up.  I'm seeing plenty of empty spots around the borders so I may go plant shopping too.  Have a great day

19 March 2019

Floral Tuesday

Wandering around the garden (it doesn't take long these days) whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish, I was surprised to notice just how much colour there is.  I pulled out my phone and snapped away.

Enjoy - Daffodil, Mahonia up close and away, Hellebore, Viburnum tinus away and up close, Aubretia in 3 shades, Wall flower, Grape Hyacinth, Hyacinth, Primrose, Flowering Redcurrant, Hellebore, Anemone, Euphorbia

We went to feed the ducks and swans in St Ives today with Gus and his mummy, there were so many swans on hand the poor ducks weren't getting a look in, so Pops decided to hand feed a few, we couldn't convince Gus to try!

18 March 2019

Happy Mondays

Like most Brits, we check the weather forecast on a daily basis.  Yesterday told us that today, Monday, was going to be lovely.  After days of high winds and hail it would be a refreshing change.  We toyed with the idea of going to the coast and when we both woke at 6am (????!) we just got up, dressed and headed out the door - didn't even make the bed or stop for coffee.

8.30am found us walking along Old Hunstanton beach, bliss, hardly anyone about at this point.  In fact because its a Monday in mid March not many places were open and that included most of the public loos.  Anyway, we headed into Hunstanton in search of breakfast.  45 minutes later we were suitably sated - full English breakfast and coffee under our belts we headed back along the beach.  More people about now, its a perfect place, so much space when the tide is out and the skies are so big across the Wash and marshes.  Check out some of my photos - the sea is out there on the horizon

We got back to our car at around 1:45 and decided to head up along the coast road to visit Sheringham before heading home. We popped into the Cley Smokehouse on the way for some fish.  I know we will enjoy that.  The beach and sea at Sheringham is so different, being directly onto the North Sea rather than the protection of the Wash, the sea looked like this, so invigorating.

All in all a great day out.  We did hit some rain on the way home but by then it didn't spoil the day.  I honestly don't think I could live anywhere that I couldn't get to the sea easily.  Just under 2 hours from home that's not too shabby

14 March 2019

funny old week

Its a real mixed bag week, Thursday already.  The weather is a bit crazy, wild and windy, wet and sunshine.

A week when I have met with friends, laughed and felt sad. Emails from friends far and wide sharing news.  Blogs with sad news. So many mixed emotions.  What do these words have in common? Dementia. Cancer. Both have touched our lives. Families waiting for the inevitable. Families wishing for a swift end.  Guilt. Oh the guilt, but at least I'm not alone in this feeling.

Planning for the future, is there any point?  Of course there is.  No one knows their allotted span and its stupid just to sit and wait.  Life is for living now.

These flowers - a Daffodil Workshop yesterday in aid of Marie Curie UK.  Such an amazing cause.  The work and care these nurses provide is to be admired, as much for the family as the patient. I could not do it, but its so good that others can.  In fact I take my hat off to anyone in the caring professions, having watched the carers deal with my mother who has vascular dementia, to deal with this day in and day out requires a special person.  I know they say they aren't emotionally attached but again I couldn't do it.

and now after having made you all depressed, here's some knitting. My first March sock

and my finished Outing shawl

If I had one wish, it would be that I could take the pain from the hearts of my friends who are hurting right now and to wish for a cure in my time for both Cancer and Dementia.  A huge hug around the world xxx