16 April 2014

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Wednesday has rolled around again.  The weeks seem to go so fast, or is it just me? I cast on my next shawl collar sweater last night.

Pattern - Design D from Sirdar 324 Vintage Snuggly
Yarn - Sirdar Denim Tweed.
Size 18"

I am making a few changes to the pattern, adding 2 x 2 ribbing on the hemline and cuffs.  I like tidy bottoms and I have a feeling the edges will roll and look untidy without it.  Lets face it we are at liberty to make any changes we like to a pattern.

Here is the finished sweater I was working on last week.  I had a mental block when trying to fit the collar on, its by no means right but I think I now know what to do differently.  Here's a reminder of the pattern details

And here is Jessica modelling her green/grey number.  Doesn't she look cute even if its a little bit big. Pattern details for this one here

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13 April 2014

Gardening - where did 2 days go?

Amazing how quickly a day goes by when you spend it in the garden.  Yesterday, was tidy up time, grass, borders, edges.  And time to enjoy the late sunshine and listen to the bees in the cherry trees.  If all the blossoms set it will be a bumper year for fruit.

See the very light stripe? The mower had a problem and scalped the lawn!

Today, Sunday - was spent painting a chicken coop which I have bought for Peter.  Its his 62nd birthday on Easter Sunday and he fancies another foray into the world of chickens. Our last experience was brought to an abrupt close by Mr Fox.  We are hoping that this time will be better.  We plan just 2 hens, which I hope will be happy in their new home.  It was a flat pack, which we started painting last weekend.  It went together very quickly, and we are very happy with the end result.  This is the one we went for.  This is what it looks like painted up.  Luckily I had plenty of paint left from doing the boys playhouse.

Its light enough to move around, so we are hoping they will keep the weeds down on any piece of garden not in use!

Things are moving on in the greenhouse

And our reward for a job well done...... last bottle of rose from France.  Not too long before we can restock

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11 April 2014

Family - the littlies

This week I have got to spend lots of time with Jessica and all day today with the boys.  I feel truly blessed.

We've had fun today, I know more than I care too about dinosaurs, its funny how a nearly 4 year old can be so bowled over with dinosaurs.  Whilst Laurie was squashing the cat Rufus started on his lecture

We went to town for a bit of shopping and a wander round.  Rufus declined the park, saying he couldn't be bothered with the swings ?!

Just look at this cheeky face!

Making short work of frozen fruit lollies

Raw carrot!  He had just eaten a chocolate krispie and a handful of mini eggs

and then they went digging for dinosaur bones

and what about Miss Jessica.  As I say I have seen lots of her this week but only inflicted her with the camera once.  She is happy to smile.

9 April 2014

Knitting - More WIP's

This week I am working on a couple of requests for Sarah, she had her son a few days after Jessica arrived, so they are sure to be firm friends. Sarah has requested a couple of shawl necked sweaters.  She wanted some fair isle and some cables.  I think these sweaters fit the bill nicely.

The first one is from Love Knitting for Baby issue January 2014.  The pattern is called Little Boy Blue and should be knitted with Sirdar Crofter DK, which is a self patterning fair isle. We couldn't make up our minds which colourway would work for them as they aren't keen on yellow or green and obviously anything pink or purple was too girly.  So we opted to use Sirdar Denim Tweed DK shade 0656 and add a fair isle pattern to the front and the bottom of the sleeves.

The next sweater is from Sirdar's Vintage Snuggly DK Knits Booklet 324 - Design D - Wrapover Collared Cable Sweater.  For this I am using Sirdar Denim Tweed shade 0649

Both these yarns I had in my stash and they are lovely and soft for a baby and also wash well which is always a bonus.

I am still working on the bunting for the Tour De France - Cambridge leg.  If you want to help out then contact The Sheep Shop, where you will find the pattern link