23 April 2014

Knitting - Quick WIP report

There wasn't a whole lot of knitting done this past week, too much to do outside.  However the second shawl collar sweater for Felix is coming along, this was where we were a week ago. I made a decision to knit the back plain as the patterning was taking too long and I have a list of other knitting to get through.  I adjusted the stitch numbers to allow for the fact that it was flat but it has worked out fine.  Just the collar to finish then the sew up.  I am hoping this collar goes in better than the last one!

Back in February when I was trying to decide which colourway to make the Ronnie Sweaters, I made a swatch.

Its been sitting on my side table awaiting me doing something with it, so last night I decided to sew it up and turn it into a phone sock. Better than wasting it, and it fit my phone perfectly.

21 April 2014

and finally Easter Monday......

the last day of the 4 day weekend.  Its been busy, fun and productive long weekend.

I have learnt that a lot of women have a jeans dilemma, so I'm not alone.  My daughters say go straight leg, so I guess I will just have to suck it up and take a change.

The chickens have been named Florrie and Annie - after Peter's grandmothers!!  Their personalities are starting to come out already.  Peter rigged up a temporary run extension until he has time to build something substantial.  One of the girls escaped and he found her wandering around the garden.

We have been continuing to clear up at the bottom of the garden and seeds have been planted.  Chard, Spinach, Spring Onions, Shallots, Peas, Salad Leaves, Beetroot, Courgette.  The plants in the greenhouse are coming on a treat

Beans - runner, climbing and dwarf

cutting Sunflowers
Tomatoes - late again
Broad beans
French marigolds

and the proceedings were watched over by this little chap

I am hoping that I have done enough exercise to counter all the cake, buns etc I have eaten this weekend, if not then its time to bring out the salads.

I hope you all had a happy Easter.  Roll on the next holiday weekend in 2 weeks time.  And would you believe I've done no knitting for 2 evenings, I need to rectify that right now

Easter Sunday - a birthday and a hunt

April 20th is Peter's birthday and this year it just happen to fall on Easter Sunday.  Perfect day for a family get together.  The weather wasn't brilliant but we did manage to do the Easter Hunt in the dry and get in and out for a while.  All grandchildren were sporting their hand knits which warms my heart!

I had help finishing the birthday cake. Rufus had requested that it had to have marshmallows and chocolate chips.  I added some fresh strawberries to counter the sweetness.  Candle placement was a bit haphazard

I managed to get some photos of the birthday boy and our grandchildren, as you will see its not easy to get everyone looking the right way!!!

19 April 2014

Easter Saturday........ where I didn't get any jeans

We went into Cambridge today, mainly just for a mooch around the shops but I did think I might like to get myself some new jeans.

I normally buy my jeans from M&S, liking the Roma bootleg ones from Per Una, good fit and just the right amount of flare on the leg. Whilst they had some of the ones I normally buy, they only had really dark blue and I prefer medium indigo. Because when I find jeans I like I buy a couple of pairs, I've not needed any for a while. Herein lies the problem.  Styles have changed.  The leg shapes are different.  Bootleg has become more flared, straight, skinny, jeggings?!!...... I tried on lots.  I am pleased to say I'm still in the same size, but couldn't decide on the leg width.  The straight looked ok until I put my old ones on then its no, can't do it.

We then headed for GAP, their bootleg were even more flared and their sizes are all over the place.  I am somewhere between 2 sizes, their straights are a bit wider than M&S, but I still wasn't happy.  So very hot and bothered I decided to give up and go home in my old jeans.

I will need to do some measuring of leg width and a bit of online research to try and find what I'm looking for.  Where do you buy your jeans?  What leg style do you like?

Today turned out better than expected and we got some more gardening done.  I lined and filled my planter boxes.  Cooked a ham for tomorrow and generally had a fiddle about.  The weather is looking more promising for tomorrow so we may just get that Easter Egg Hunt......

I got a cute photo of Jessica wearing her orange cardigan, but I say she didn't look too happy about it would be an understatement!

18 April 2014

Good Friday...

We've had hot x buns. We've done some clearing up in the garden, cut back some trees. Got the washing and shopping done. But do you know the sad thing, all week the weather has been beautiful, warm and bright, but after an initial burst, the sun has been hiding behind low cloud, and its cold! The forecast for the rest of the Easter long weekend, is not too bad tomorrow, but Sunday and Monday wet wet wet.  Looks like the Easter Egg Hunt will have to take place indoors unless we go out in wellies and umbrellas.

The new girls are settled into their home, still camera shy, but I did manage to take a few snaps. They are Goldlines  and I got them from Cambridge Poultry in Bottisham.

I'm working away on my knitting, doing some cable work, then some plain, I have the sleeves done, half way up the front and cast on the back.  I don't normally knit this way!

And because I've not shown you Jess for a few days, here she is, taken last night

Have a great Easter

16 April 2014

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Wednesday has rolled around again.  The weeks seem to go so fast, or is it just me? I cast on my next shawl collar sweater last night.

Pattern - Design D from Sirdar 324 Vintage Snuggly
Yarn - Sirdar Denim Tweed.
Size 18"

I am making a few changes to the pattern, adding 2 x 2 ribbing on the hemline and cuffs.  I like tidy bottoms and I have a feeling the edges will roll and look untidy without it.  Lets face it we are at liberty to make any changes we like to a pattern.

Here is the finished sweater I was working on last week.  I had a mental block when trying to fit the collar on, its by no means right but I think I now know what to do differently.  Here's a reminder of the pattern details

And here is Jessica modelling her green/grey number.  Doesn't she look cute even if its a little bit big. Pattern details for this one here

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