31 July 2009

Plans change

This weekend we had planned to go shopping in town for a few odds and ends, watch the cricket on the big screen on Parker's Piece, me doing a bit of knitting, generally chill out. But alas, I am going to Norwich today for the weekend as my dad is poorly in hospital. My mum doesn't drive, lives in a village with a very inadequate bus service. As compensation for my absence I am making a Peanut Butter Coffeecake (no coffee in it)and hope that Peter will not miss me too much. There is plenty to eat in the house but I know he will have beans on toast unless his mum persuades him up for a meal. )-:

27 July 2009

Flowers from the garden

It started life as.......

A chicken's nesting box

Packing cases for steel rods

The top I was knitting myself - this hat fits from an 18" head and as its in rib will just keep stretching to accommodate even my head!

Done it again

Yes, we've been camping again this weekend on the Harley and managed a whole weekend without getting wet. Travelled up to Fakenham keeping just behind the rain, arrived and booked in, the heavens opened, we managed to get to the bar and have a pint while it rained. Thus fortified we put the tent up, must say it goes up better with a drink inside you. All unpacked when I realised Peter had left the gas burner at home - how was I to have my morning cuppa (I'm not a morning person) - panic ensued and cross words.

Dinner was a Thai in town as they were only offering fish and chips or burgers onsite. Pleasant meal and a beer then back to the race course for the evenings entertainment - good R & B band and a catch up with a few people we'd not seen for a while.

Saturday dawned bright and dry. We met with our good friend Stephen in Swaffham and had a ride around the North Norfolk coast. Coffee in Sheringham, plus I had a visit to the yarn shop, came out with 400g of Stylecraft Aran wool & acrylic and 400g Stylecraft in a pale blue acrylic mixed yarn, eyes were rolled but we found a home for it on the bike. Lunch, we had fish and chips in Wells followed up by tea and cakes in the Mermaids Purse and a good old natter in the sunshine. Peter picked up a little gas burner so that I could have my cup of tea so all was right with the world. Evening entertainment was another good R & B band, had too much cider, didn't win anything on the raffle but otherwise a good night.

Sunday we packed up - no hangover thankfully. Breakfast at McD's on the way to Norwich to see my parents. Home mid afternoon, unpacked, grass cut, washing done, then it rained. Oh and I decided I didn't like the top I was knitting for myself, so pulled it part way down and turned it into a hat!!

22 July 2009

Down Mexico way

As mentioned previously the youngest is in Mexico. They have been there since Saturday evening. So far she has lost her monkey (soft toy), a flight cushion, been air sick, got locked in the youth hostel, her friend fainted, and best of all, we were fast asleep last night when the phone rings, Hi we are at the police station we've had our cameras stolen!! Is it right for a mother to worry? They are only 3 days into a 28 day holiday, what next?

Her sister makes much better reporting of the holiday antics on her blog Becoming Mrs Jones so if you want some amusement give it a read.

Another reason for her ringing however was to tell us she had heard from her boss and she has got the promotion that she interviewed for, so not all bad! Well done just make it back safely to enjoy your new job!

Fruits of my labour

7 jars of yummy jam. Peter got to lick the pot

21 July 2009

Hedgerow pickings

I love this time of year, when the hedgerows start giving up their seasonal bounty - whilst walking over the last few weeks I had spied that the cherry plum bushes along my walk were getting very colourful, so last night armed with a couple of carrier bags we went apicking

Whilst not all were ready we were able to pick 6lbs, so this evening I will be making plum jam - yum. They make very good plum vodka too!

17 July 2009

Don't like this weather

Since a small child I have always hated thunder storms and today we have had some beauties, infact the thunder is still rolling around as I type. The power has been off on numerous occasions hampering the Friday housework. Still all done now. Even the youngest daughters washing which she left pre-holiday, I'm such a pushover. She's off to Mexico with her friend Gemma tomorrow, we also get the Heathrow run - up at 4am!! Am I worried about swine flu? well she could get it here so why worry.

Last night I started myself a knitted top, actually haven't knitted for me in ages but I found this pattern on Lion Brand's facebook page

and thought it looked like me. Still haven't finished the white bolero, there's just something about it I don't like, the yarn I think, but I have broken my rule of starting something else before finishing it.

15 July 2009

In praise

of my first chicken coat -
" Please say a massive thank you to your mum...I looked again this morning at the chicken top...absolutely brilliant...
Can't wait to show the northern bridge farm gang...
Does she do human clothes too?"

We were soaked

the youngest and I set off this morning at 6:25, bright blue skies, for our morning walk. We had only been going about 10mins when the skies darkened and it started to spot with rain. Won't be much we thought, wrong! Can't actually remember being this wet with my clothes on, I needed wipers for my glasses, eyes stinging, but at least it made us walk faster. Perhaps take a brolly tomorrow!

14 July 2009

Another chicken coat

this time a pattern from Little Hen Rescue

Just need the team to decide how many battery hens they are getting and which type of coat they prefer then I can get knitting. Certainly a good way to use up all my odds and ends.

12 July 2009

Let there be light

Today we started to cut down the sweet chestnut tree in our drive (just the trunk to go). The crown was dying and we had applied to the council to cut it down -we live in a conservation area. It seems a shame, but it was actually far to close the the house and in the autumn we had the spiky chestnut husks and ALL the leaves to contend with, and never many chestnuts. We are amazed at how make more light we now have in the driveway and hopefully the other plants will now thrive.

We had a good day yesterday, Dad enjoyed his cake and mother wasn't too annoyed at my offering. My younger brother and his family were going today so I guess there won't be too much left by now. Also our youngest and her friend popped in en-route to a Motor Cross day in Norfolk, so I'm sure they nabbed a slice too!

11 July 2009

Birthday cake for my Dad

Tomorrow is my Dad's 78th birthday. He is partial to be bit of cake, so I have made him a lovely carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The recipe is from my good friend Sue in Utah. My mother will have a fit as she's constantly watching what they eat - she has a heart condition, but Dad doesn't, so let him eat cake I say. Of course, she will eat just a small piece, "oh that was lovely, I'll have the rest of the slice I don't suppose it will kill me", is what she said when I last took cake on a visit.

Whilst on the subject of cake - one like this plus other home baked goodies will be available for those of you that are coming to Beck and Tim's wedding, so make sure you have loose waistlines, there will be plenty to eat. They will all be displayed on my now large collection of antique glass cake stands and platters, not sure what I'll do with them all after the wedding, but some are so lovely I'll just have to find a use for them.

Chux Tux - is finally finished, not a very satisfying knit but Rachel was pleased with it, so it will go off to work with her on Monday, and hopefully they will decide how many chickens they plan to get so I can fit in further tux amongst the more interesting knitting that I have planned.

I've picked up a little bolero jacket I abandoned a few weeks ago, so need to finish that, then I plan to knit something out of my new baby knit books that I got before I went on holiday. Just wish there were more hours in the day!

10 July 2009

Sitting here thinking...

of all the things I should be doing rather than spending time on Facebook, Ravelry, Blogger, but then decided that actually these are very good tools for catching up with what everyone is up to. So I guess not a waste of time at all, or so I can kid myself.

Today I am off to the hairdresser to get my 6 weekly cut and colour, the roots are coming through quicker these days and I am alarmed to see just how much grey there is. Not sure if I'll ever be ready to ditch the dye! I like going to the hairdresser, you get to have a good natter, read trashy magazines and generally listen in on all the other conversations, its amazing the things you can overhear.

Tomorrow we are off to visit my parents in Norfolk, its my dad's birthday on Sunday, so I'm taking him a carrot cake - one of his favourites - he's a bit poorly at the present time so hopefully it will cheer him up. No plans for Sunday yet, more gardening if the weather is ok I guess.

I've not done much on the knitting front this week, the Chux Tux sits languishing in the bottom of my bag, it must be one of the most boring things to knit, not much left to do but have to finish it before going on to something else, thats my rule! With regards to knitting and knitted items - I popped into the local nearly new and baby supply shop in Histon and asked if they would be interested in selling some of my stuff, so will be taking some along next week for their perusal. Well best get on and stop "wasting" time. Have a good weekend

7 July 2009

Garden all tamed

The garden is now back to its tidy, pristine self. It looks lovely even if I say so myself. I have 6 large bags of rubbish to show for my efforts and a thorn in the side of my foot that I can't get out, gives me a little reminder every now and then! The rain though annoying has certainly perked up the borders.

3 July 2009

Kids who'd have them

just doing my bedrooms - I really know how to treat myself on a day off! Whilst we were away the youngest - 27, was house sitting. In her old bedroom I just found half a box of cereal with a empty tonic bottle and glass sat in the top of box! I really don't want to know what she keeps under her bed in her house....

Free pattern books

I have been given the following Sublime pattern books which I already have. I am happy to give them away to anyone that wants to collect them. I live in Swavesey and work in Histon so can arrange pickup from either point.

Sublime 619 - The 2nd cashmere merino silk dk book
Sublime 617 - The 4th little sublime hand knit book
Sublime 616 - The irresistibly sublime baby 4ply book
Sublime 623 - The 2nd mluxuriously exotic soya cotton hand kint book
Sublime 621 - The 2nd sublime merino dk book
Sublime 618 - The 1st little sublime baby cotton kapok dk book

First come first served

1 July 2009

For dinner tonight

we had broad beans, new potatoes, courgettes, beetroot and spring onions all from the garden - and some chicken too, that was from Tesco. I love it when the veggies start coming. We also have runner beans, french beans, spinach, carrots, broccoli, calabrese, squash of various types, tomatoes, peppers, chillis all growing, so this should keep us in veg for months to come.

A bit warm

I have just spent the last 3 hours fiddling about in the garden, its very hot and sticky and I need a shower. But first I thought I'd download my holiday pictures. Here are just a few, I won't bore you with them all.

River at Cahors

Peter with his pastry - custard I think

Me stuffing my face... actually look a bit guilty... no not really, we'd walked along way and I deserved it!

Me with Bonaguil Castle in the background, this was a 10km walk we did on 3rd day

My prince holding a toad, it was so cute, lived in the back of the covered patio, I nearly stepped on him thinking he was a dead leaf! He liked his back scratched!

The BBQ!!

The cottage in the woods - La Barre, Montcabrier, France

Walking maps


I am try to decide the best way to get rid of the last 7lbs of weight to get to my self imposed target by August. I walk at least 5 days out of 7, do my gardening/housework etc. Only drink at the weekend and then not alot, have cut out most naughty things - well apart from all the stuff I ate on holiday. Funnily I haven't had any cravings for pain aux raisins, apricot croissants, tarte aux pomme so far........ Working my way through some lovely goats cheese we bought back, just finished the last of the cherries - so delicious. So not sure really how to cut back any further, guess I'll just have to step up the exercise.

Popped into my favourite charity shop this morning whilst on the bank run and they were just putting out a nice bag of aran weight yarn, so have 650g of cream yarn, no idea of the composition as there are no ball bands with it. It will do for some future project I'm sure.

My office is only registering 28 degrees today, so not as hot as yesterday, but I can feel another headache hovering in the background and after Monday's migraine and yesterday's headache I could really do with a break - just popped a couple of pills as a prevention. Guess I should actually get on with some work now!!