17 July 2009

Don't like this weather

Since a small child I have always hated thunder storms and today we have had some beauties, infact the thunder is still rolling around as I type. The power has been off on numerous occasions hampering the Friday housework. Still all done now. Even the youngest daughters washing which she left pre-holiday, I'm such a pushover. She's off to Mexico with her friend Gemma tomorrow, we also get the Heathrow run - up at 4am!! Am I worried about swine flu? well she could get it here so why worry.

Last night I started myself a knitted top, actually haven't knitted for me in ages but I found this pattern on Lion Brand's facebook page

and thought it looked like me. Still haven't finished the white bolero, there's just something about it I don't like, the yarn I think, but I have broken my rule of starting something else before finishing it.

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