22 July 2009

Down Mexico way

As mentioned previously the youngest is in Mexico. They have been there since Saturday evening. So far she has lost her monkey (soft toy), a flight cushion, been air sick, got locked in the youth hostel, her friend fainted, and best of all, we were fast asleep last night when the phone rings, Hi we are at the police station we've had our cameras stolen!! Is it right for a mother to worry? They are only 3 days into a 28 day holiday, what next?

Her sister makes much better reporting of the holiday antics on her blog Becoming Mrs Jones so if you want some amusement give it a read.

Another reason for her ringing however was to tell us she had heard from her boss and she has got the promotion that she interviewed for, so not all bad! Well done just make it back safely to enjoy your new job!

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