12 July 2009

Let there be light

Today we started to cut down the sweet chestnut tree in our drive (just the trunk to go). The crown was dying and we had applied to the council to cut it down -we live in a conservation area. It seems a shame, but it was actually far to close the the house and in the autumn we had the spiky chestnut husks and ALL the leaves to contend with, and never many chestnuts. We are amazed at how make more light we now have in the driveway and hopefully the other plants will now thrive.

We had a good day yesterday, Dad enjoyed his cake and mother wasn't too annoyed at my offering. My younger brother and his family were going today so I guess there won't be too much left by now. Also our youngest and her friend popped in en-route to a Motor Cross day in Norfolk, so I'm sure they nabbed a slice too!

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