1 July 2009


I am try to decide the best way to get rid of the last 7lbs of weight to get to my self imposed target by August. I walk at least 5 days out of 7, do my gardening/housework etc. Only drink at the weekend and then not alot, have cut out most naughty things - well apart from all the stuff I ate on holiday. Funnily I haven't had any cravings for pain aux raisins, apricot croissants, tarte aux pomme so far........ Working my way through some lovely goats cheese we bought back, just finished the last of the cherries - so delicious. So not sure really how to cut back any further, guess I'll just have to step up the exercise.

Popped into my favourite charity shop this morning whilst on the bank run and they were just putting out a nice bag of aran weight yarn, so have 650g of cream yarn, no idea of the composition as there are no ball bands with it. It will do for some future project I'm sure.

My office is only registering 28 degrees today, so not as hot as yesterday, but I can feel another headache hovering in the background and after Monday's migraine and yesterday's headache I could really do with a break - just popped a couple of pills as a prevention. Guess I should actually get on with some work now!!

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