3 September 2009

What's with this weather

I know us Brits are obsessed with the weather but this wind is something else, I'll be surprised if I have an apple left on my trees before the week is out. My husband and youngest have gone off cycling in it, they are clearly mad, in fact I have become something of a 'cycling widow' at the present time as they train for the Oxford to Cambridge Cycle ride at the end of September - 89 miles. They have their training schedule all mapped out and are really putting in some miles. I however refuse to join them, whilst I don't mind cycling I'm not into pain!

Johnnie Walker was chatting about knitting again on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show this morning, I wonder if he is a closet knitter or just trying to promote this craft. All to the good I say especially if it means we can get some more yarn outlets, time was when every High Street had a wool shop, sadly this is no longer the case.

My latest project is coming along nicely, onto the sleeves now, then its just the neckband, frill and put it all together. I have the next 2 projects put together with pattern and yarn, though my husband has asked when I plan to start the slipover I promised him! Oh for more hours in the day, maybe I should just pack up work and knit all day, now there's a thought.........

BTW - enjoyed the Time Travellers Wife, didn't cry as much as I did when reading the book

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