23 November 2009

I have news

For the past few weeks we've been keeping a huge secret, one which I must admit was very hard to keep quiet about. We are going to be grandparents in June 2010, with the scan out of the way we are allowed to annouce this to the world. I did pop a note on Facebook yesterday, but felt I really must blog it. If you click on the scan link above you will see the scan picture on Rebecca's blog. So I guess I'll be boring you all with baby news from time to time.

We have just spent the last 10 days in Southwold which was a lovely break, lots of walking, eating and knitting. The weather could have been better but in November I guess you can't be too picky. I managed to knit a slipover for Peter, which ended up too big so I need to sort that, really cross actually as I'd done a tension square which came out perfectly but managed to gain 4" in the knitting! I also finished another zig zag pram blanket in pinks which I'm pleased with

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