18 December 2009

The north wind doth blow and we will have snow......

and no electricity!!! Our power went off at 9:50pm last night and finally came back on at 2:15pm this afternoon, then went off again, then on, currently its been stable for about an hour now. Fortunately we have plenty of candles and matches, a bath by candle light is very romantic but the goose bumps from the resulting dash to a cold bedroom not so! My morning cuppa was made in a saucepan on the gas hob, breakfast by candle light too - bread and jam as I didn't want to keep opening the fridge. Its amazing all the jobs you think you'll do then realise you can't, oh how we rely on our electricity. I was supposed to get my hair cut and coloured today also, but the salon in Over had the same problem, as did Rachel, so she came down to keep warm - curtesy of our wood burner - as her boss told her not to come into work. So we've put up the tree and decorations, been for a walk and I took some pictures of the garden.

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