8 December 2009

Why do they do it?

Had my hotmail account hacked into, which has been very annoying and actually very upsetting. It has been used to send mails to people I've no knowledge of and has diverted replies from people that I do. Hopefully I have sorted it now, passwords are changed and replies redirected.

Found a large dead rat this morning near the wood pile and all is quiet in the kitchen roof so I'm hoping our lodger has departed.

I think I'm on top of my christmas shopping and I have written my cards, just need to post them and then do the wrapping. Bird ordered, pudding made, still have crackers to get and to make a list of the food shopping. The christmas decorations will go up.......... not sure really. A friend said she still had pre-christmas cleaning to do! I asked what that was, surely the decorations hide the dust!

Its my brother Bob's birthday today - happy birthday Bob you are catching me up for a while

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