11 January 2010

No joke and my husband tells lies!

this morning I went for an MRI scan on my neck. Now I was very apprehensive before I went as I hate enclosed spaces and being held down for any length of time, so imagine my horror when the first thing they did was lay me on a bed, put a heavy contraption on my chest then strap down my arms! Head phones on, oh my god they are playing Mika, that was nearly enough for me to squeeze the panic button. I then felt myself being slid into the scanner, my big mistake was to open my eyes, that did it, my heart was racing, I broke out into a cold sweat, tears in my eyes, I willed myself to keep still and not to panic, so difficult I can tell you. It was the longest 15 minutes I have ever spent. When they finally let me out I was shaking from head to toe. I said to the radiographer that I was glad I wasn't right in it, and she said "you were, where did you think you were, you were right in the middle", so therein is the lie. Peter said I'd only go part way in as it was just my head!

I finally finished the Leaf pram blanket. I'm actually very pleased with it, its a bit old-fashioned but I think that's part of it charm. It took me 6 hours to sew up and finish the bunting border. Next project is a bunny cuddle blanket, in cotton for easy washing.

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