17 March 2010

Nourishment for my garden..

Yesterday we had an 8yd skip of recycled material compost delivered, they dropped it in our courtyard and we had to barrow it the 300 feet to the bottom of the garden! This was the pile after we had been working for an hour and a half.  Light finally beat us before our backs gave out, so guess what, we've more to move when we get home today.  Its a bit on the smelly side too, but having it delivered this way beats having to make lots of trips in the car with bags and shovels.  They charge £50 +vat for a skip load, and this way you don't get a really stinky car.  So as you can see we are doing our bit to be green and who knows some of this may have come from our green bins anyway.

and after all this exercise I was still up for my morning walk

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