4 June 2010

Bird Song...

we currently have lots of bird activity in our garden.  The Blue Tits are back for a second round.  Pidgeons have a nest in the willow. The Swallows are making slow progress in the car port, all they seem to do is sit there making alot of noise, obviously typical UK builders!!  The funniest and the noisest are a pair of Blackbird's with a baby that has obviously just fledged. Last evening the baby was on our patio and the parents on our pergola, the noise was incredible, our cat sat watching out of the cat flap, really not that interested but aroused from her sleep by the noise.  As I type this morning the alarm calls are still going off, can't see baby but everytime the poor cat tries to go outside the parents dive bomb her.  She just came scuttling in with a bird on her tail she looked most put out.  We have pheasants making dust wallows in the borders, but I really wish they wouldn't make so much noise when they decide to take off from the undergrowth because it nearly gives me a heart attack everytime!

Our veg garden is all planted up, things are looking good. I got a bit carried away with some the the seeds, so we have a bit of thinning out to do, but otherwise just watering and weeding.  I'm turning my attention to the flower borders now, the spring flowers are more or less over so time to get some bedding in for a bit of instant colour.  Hanging baskets are starting to flower, the current warm weather helps.

I have most of this weekend to myself - the husband is taking his mother to the theatre tomorrow afternoon and then on Sunday he and the youngest have the Norwich 100 cycle ride, weather forecast wasn't looking too promising but that can certainly change, they won't want it too warm anyway.  The lad who knocked our wall down last weekend is coming back with a bricklayer to put it back up.  So unless Baby Jones decides to put in an appearance (4 days to due date) I'll be gardening and/or knitting.

Have fun in the sun, don't forget your sun hat and cream......

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