12 June 2010

Saturday morning........

and for those of you that said Baby Jones would come on Friday, well you were wrong, me included! Lets see if the people that suggested changes in the moon would bring it today will be right.

The Poles have arrived bright and early and are taking down the wonky wall, lets hope they put it back straight this time.  Peter has conveniently gone out so left me to have words.  Trouble is they are so nice I find myself apologising for the incovenience, when really its "well you knocked it down in the first place so we really only want it put back like it was". Guess I was just bought up to be polite.

Going to visit the parents-in-waiting this afternoon to take them some plants for their garden and to help relieve the boredom of waiting.

Ethereal waistcoat is now finished and blocking, so when its dry I'll photograph it and post, so pleased with it I'm making myself another one in a soft heather colour.  Not often I knit for me, but I won't start it until I have the Sands Appeal blanket finished.

Right off the glare through the window at the workers......................... and maybe offer them a coffee

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