30 July 2010


last night I got to babysit our little man.  He was very good, went to bed, slept the whole evening.  Then kept his Mum awake all night. I took ear plugs!!  Anyway I got to spend the day today with him.  We did some jobs for his Mum, then we went to the market.  Lots of old ladies stopped to admire him, I was very proud, especially when 2 ladies thought he was mine!!!!!  I guess their eye sight wasn't so good.  Anyway he was in a very good mood so I got loads to pictures of him, 40 actually, but I won't show you them all!!

I can't believe he is now 6 weeks old.  He's starting to really take interest, we even played peek a boo, hence the smiling face.  His Daddy had his 30th birthday yesterday, hence the reason for the babysit.

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