28 November 2010

Busy weekend

As you can see I've been busy this weekend, warming squash soup for Saturday lunch; a Santa hat and Candy Stripe hat and mitts knitted for Rufus. Christmas puddings made and currently oven steaming, still 1.5 hours to go but its worth it. I've made this recipe since 2002 and it never fails to please.

We only got a dusting of snow but it has been very cold, did a bit of shopping yesterday and managed a good walk this morning, so a productive weekend. Feeling much better today, though still have a head full but the cough has subsided which is a relief all round -back to work tomorrow )-:
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26 November 2010

A week on......

and I still have my cold.  My head is bunged up, ears keep popping, but at least my chest is clearing a bit.  Only woke myself up twice last night and Peter only once, he's not enjoyed a full nights sleep for a week now too.....sorry.

I'm filling my days with a bit of knitting, some baking -Flapjack and St  Clements Cake, and listening to the radio, I got called into work on Wednesday which did me no good - thanks Alex, I'll get you back.  I may go for a walk today to try and clear my head, but it will need to warm up a bit first.  Currently -2c, but the sun is out and we have frost but no snow as yet.

No plans for the weekend.  I should really get on with some Christmas shopping but can't actually be bothered with it right now.  I have cards (which I could write!) and wrapping paper, a few gifts and that's about it.  Bird is ordered, I need to make some puddings and anything else that can be made prior to the day.  Peter and Rachel are cooking Christmas dinner this year! Will I be able to keep out of the kitchen? What will I do with myself? Currently we have my mother in law and her partner joining us for the day.  The Jones family are coming on Boxing Day - this will be Rufus's first Christmas, he will be 6 months old. I'm sure for him it will be just any other day this year, but for us all a new era, we get to play Santa again and keep the secret for as long as kiddies are allowed to these days.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, keep warm......... mulled wine, now there's a thought, medicinal right?

23 November 2010

Holiday knitting........

 Fairisle slipover for Rufus

Fliptop Mitts for Rachel, she knitted a matching hat

another slipover for Rufus which is nearly finished

I also made 4 bean-bags in various sizes from the felted Breton jumper and a few pom poms with my new toy, not as much fun as 2 bits of cardboard, but very quick, so as you can see I used my leisure time well

Christmas comes early.....

A parcel from my Grandmas Hand Swap partner, Bev, arrived this morning. The contents include yarn, which is very naughty as it adds to my already extensive stash, but I will find a pattern and knit it up quickly so that it doesn't languish there too long. And of course I will post a picture of the resulting item. I had planned not to open this parcel straight away but couldn't resist. Many thanks to you Bev
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Introducing Rufus to our favourite place......

Southwold, Suffolk - my most favourite holiday destination. I have been every year since I was 9 years old.  I never tire of it and this year Rufus came with us for our November break. I think he enjoyed it, his mummy got another cold, which I now have, as does her husband and son!

In the collage above you will see Peter and Rachel paddling!!  Yes, they are mad, it was freezing.

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11 November 2010

I'm done.......

I've been very busy this week on the knitting front. I have completed the replacement Breton Jumper for Master Rufus, I think I actually prefer this one.  I've also completed my Celebration Swap package, which has gone in the post this morning to Noreen.  I will be turning the felted Breton into a textured bean-bag, as suggested by Mummy Jones.

My next project, which I will start this afternoon at my knitting group, will be a fairisle tank top, again for Master Rufus, I have sorted out the 5 colours required but need to decide which will be the main. I really enjoy having a knitting project on the go, its good for concentration, stops me eating and keeps me awake in the evenings!

7 November 2010

Rufus 20 weeks or never to young to wear a poppy

Yesterday we got to spend the day looking after Rufus whilst his mummy and daddy decorated their bathroom. We had a lovely day; we spent the morning walking around Stamford, Rufus slept most of the time. Back home for lunch, then out again after a bit of a play. We walked over to Burghley Park to see the deer, Rufus managed to stay awake, in fact decided that he no longer wanted to sit in his pushchair so we took it in turns to carry him, Pops taking the lions share, good bonding time I say. Its amazing how heavy a wriggly little boy can been, we should have taken his sling, log that for next time.

As you can see Rufus is wearing his poppy with pride, a cute addition to his hat
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5 November 2010

Rainy day baking ........

what is it about these grey wet afternoons that makes you want to bake?

Here are some fruit scones I knocked up earlier, should be good with some butter and jam  - homemade of course.  I've a bran loaf in the oven which will also go down well over the weekend.  We will have to make sure we do plenty of walking to counteract the calories.

These little mittens are to go with the hat modelled on previous post by Rufus, it will be interesting to see if he'll wear them as he does like to suck his fingers.  We've had them stay for a few days as his mummy was poorly and his daddy was away on business.  We enjoyed their visit and I even got to go swimming with him

4 November 2010

Busy needles - part 2

Oddments of aran weight yarn used to knit this little hat one Friday afternoon, don't you think the model looks lovely?

Rugby Romper finished
my model just needs to grow a bit! Though its not actually as big as it looks

Mittens and minder, dashed off on Tuesday evening.

So what next? 

I have several projects in mind but first I need to put together a parcel for my Celebration Swap partner on Ravelry - Grandma's Hand Forum.  This will comprise of some knitted christmas decorations plus lots of other goodies.  I will post some pictures once the parcel is sent and received, rather than spoil the surprise.  I get to send to Noreen and Bev gets to send to me and so it goes round.  I will also post pictures of what I receive.  No pressure then!!

1 November 2010

Out with the old

this weekend has been about clearing out. 

As previously mentioned we are having our barn turned into a garden room.  To do this we need to clear out all the junk that has been dumped in there over the past 11 years!!  No mean feat I can tell you, firstly we needed to clear space in the stable - aka Peter's workshop/Harley store, this was done with him kicking and screaming that he would now never be able to find anything, to me its now tidy!!  So that was Saturday gone. 

Sunday we started on the barn, boxes and boxes of books mostly his!  This took us most of the day as he had to go through everything.  I have been ruthless and put out most of my old books for the charity shop, if I've not read them in 11 years I'm never going to.  Rachel was there to help and with a short break for a late lunch we have broken the back of it. 

My car is full of things for the charity shop.  We have a pile of stuff to go to the tip.  So once we've found a home for the remaining items, mainly christmas tree/decorations we should be ready for the carpenters to work their magic.

The only downside to my garden room is that I have had to cut down my beautiful Wisteria, I confess I shed a few tears whilst putting it through the chipper.