1 November 2010

Out with the old

this weekend has been about clearing out. 

As previously mentioned we are having our barn turned into a garden room.  To do this we need to clear out all the junk that has been dumped in there over the past 11 years!!  No mean feat I can tell you, firstly we needed to clear space in the stable - aka Peter's workshop/Harley store, this was done with him kicking and screaming that he would now never be able to find anything, to me its now tidy!!  So that was Saturday gone. 

Sunday we started on the barn, boxes and boxes of books mostly his!  This took us most of the day as he had to go through everything.  I have been ruthless and put out most of my old books for the charity shop, if I've not read them in 11 years I'm never going to.  Rachel was there to help and with a short break for a late lunch we have broken the back of it. 

My car is full of things for the charity shop.  We have a pile of stuff to go to the tip.  So once we've found a home for the remaining items, mainly christmas tree/decorations we should be ready for the carpenters to work their magic.

The only downside to my garden room is that I have had to cut down my beautiful Wisteria, I confess I shed a few tears whilst putting it through the chipper.

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