1 December 2010

4:30 is just too early

this morning I woke early, no reason that I know of, just thought it was time to get up.  So frustrating as I didn't manage to get back to sleep, just lay there listening to Peter breathing. Sounds like he is getting my cold btw!

Looks like we are in for another cold day, I hate this weather but at least we didn't get anymore snow overnight.  When I say I hate this weather what I really mean is driving in it, if I got to stay home and enjoy it that would be fine but getting from A to B with others then thats a different ball game.  This weather is far to early, we usually get snow in February if at all, so I guess its going to be a long winter.

1st December today, how is the Christmas shopping going?  I'm getting there slowly, oh well best go and get ready for work )-: 

Have fun, keep safe x

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