11 January 2011

Guest Blogger: Audrey (Poots) Speechley - Slimmer of the Year

Hello all, I just had to hijack this blog thing to tell you about my amazing weight loss.  I have gone from 6.10kg in December 2009 to 4.90kg today, pretty impressive don't you think.  Even the vet was pleased with Mum and wanted to know how she'd done it.  Well I can tell you, she starved me.  No not really, but when Siddalee went to cat heaven there was no extra food to steal so Mum and Dad put me on restricted rations.  I do however feel better for it, I'm too ashamed to post a 'before' picture of myself.

Whilst I'm in the writing frame of mind, I just have to tell you about this little person that keeps appearing at the house.  They tell me its a grandchild but I can tell you I hi-tail it out the flap whenever its around.  I've experienced a probing finger of a small child before and am not to keen to experience it again! Plus it seems to make alot of noise and comes with so much kit.  I understand it has cats of its own (one being my cousin/half brother or something like that, you may know him Jeremy Jones), not sure how they stand it.

I'll sign off now and go lick my paws or something, its such a hard life.  Or maybe I'll go and mess up Mum's wool or sit on her knitting chair that will get her going.........

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