14 February 2011

Did you notice ..........

I have changed the name of my blog to Granny's World.  Suggestion was that the other was too long and I guess this reflects my blog better.  If you read my blog on a regular basis, why not become a follower, its very easy and then I'd know who was reading it; comments would be appreciated too.  I have a visitor counter so I know I get a fair few readers but up till now only 5 followers.  So come on, don't be shy, expose yourselves - in the nicest possible way that is!

Garden Room update - Day 5

The lead flashing has gone on along the new base plate and the old window area is being reclad, they are still out there working so I will take some pictures when they've gone.


  1. Hi Sue, I've been lurking for a while - thanks for letting me stop by.

  2. Thanks Michelle, from a quick look at your blog, it seems we like some of the same things. Always good to know who is reading and what they like


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