6 February 2011

Garden Room commences

Tomorrow work starts to turn this old barn into a garden room, somewhere to sit and look over the garden when the weather is rough.  The one thing we dislike about our house is that we cannot see our back garden from the house, due to the barn blocking the view. So rather than pulling it down (we wouldn't be allowed too anyway as we live in a conservation area) we decided to spend a bit of money and have it repaired and made into a usable space - its been a repository for junk and other peoples stuff for too long.  I have visions of long afternoons curled up with a book and my knitting, trying to ignore the work that so obviously needs doing in the garden. 

The one draw back to this work is that we have had to removed all the plants around the barn. Some were ready to go others not so.  If we manage to save some then its a bonus.  If not, then I'll be paying a visit to the garden centre.  This does however allow us to re-design areas of the garden that we inherited from the previous owners and that until now we have not changed, its a big job and I can see it taking us most of the summer to complete

The entrance will be via a stable door in the rear of the barn - view not shown here


These doors will become shutters and the whole space glazed

The window here will be removed and french doors will be added to bring in extra light and provide the 'view'.  The little door above will also be glazed and the door will also act as a shutter. I'm hoping for a deck area here, which involves re-routing some steps and removing a low brick wall

Rotten timbers - there are lots of these

The old wood burner from the house which will be installed to provide winter warmth.
I will post more pictures as we go along.  Not too sure how long the work will take, but once Neil has finished his bit there will be lots for us to be getting on with, both inside and out so watch this space.
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  1. From Facebook

    Megan Macdiarmid it should be ready for the sunny weather. We live in ours from Spring onwards
    07 February at 19:28 ·

    Joan Kestermann Wow...that is going to be quite a lovely space...looking forward to following the progress
    07 February at 20:59


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