27 February 2011

Garden Room - our work begins day 2 - more paint

Another cold day, but the second coat only took us 4.5 hours! Can you spot all the window beading strips, and thats just a few of them. Peter has painted the french door end of the barn. I'm pictured here painting the little door that fits over the new window above the french doors. Once the new guttering - cast iron style, arrives we will paint the side walls then put up the new guttering all in one go.  Peter found some hinges in his store of 'junk' which match the hinges on the right hand side for the old doors, why the hinges were odd in the first place we'll never know, but he's pretty pleased with himself.  I suppose I shouldn't nag him to clear his junk out now its proved useful.

We have also ordered the interior and exterior lighting today, so we are moving along.  We are planning to have oak cask water barrels so have had a search of the internet to try and source some in our area.   So all in all another successful day.

Neil and co are back tomorrow to carry on with their bit


  1. I came, I saw, I signed up to follow! nice blog, lovely pix. Boud

  2. From Facebook

    Megan Macdiarmid John can always find just the right useful item in his DIY stash too. I think that's why he doesn't mind my various hobby stash items.
    28 February at 08:14

    Pauline Hornsby I admire your positive progress in spite of the cold, drab, damp/wet weather.
    28 February at 13:37

    Sue Speechley well its easier to stain the frames without the glass in, no cutting in so really didn't have a choice
    28 February at 19:13


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