15 February 2011

Garden Room - Day 6

All the external woodwork has now been completed - the lead facing on the bricks, cladding and corner edging replaced. French/stable doors and door furniture chosen. Scaffolding in place to start insulating and boarding the inside of the roof. Its all coming along nicely. Soon it will be down to us to start the mammoth task of painting both inside and out, approximately 160 square metres of wood!! So if you fancy getting dirty I'll get you a brush.
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  1. From Facebook

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke If I was there, I would be there, if you know what I mean! I have painted every room in this house!
    16 February at 00:02

    Sue Speechley I may hold you to that
    16 February at 07:02

    Rachel Speechley obviously i will be there but only if cousin emma isn't balancing on the other end of the scaffolding...i dont want to wear grandma's pants again!
    16 February at 11:08 ·

    Sue Speechley thing is they would actually fit better now
    16 February at 15:15 ·

    Rachel Speechley RUDE!!!!!!
    17 February at 13:40

    Sue Speechley I was only meaning they wouldn't be under your armpits, rather than saying your bottom was big (-:
    17 February at 17:20


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