6 March 2011

Garden Room - our work begins days 3 and 4

This weekend Peter and Rachel have broken the back of the outside painting, just the side which is in our neighbours garden to do. Rain stopped play for a while on Saturday so they erected the scaffold tower and started to brush off the internal beams, a very dusty job.  These beams will be left as is. The guttering on our side has been replaced and looks very good.

I have spent all morning trying to sort out plants in the border adjacent to our neighbour's fence - which is falling down and due to be replaced. It is covered in ivy, infact thats about all that is holding it up. Problem with ivy is that it gets everywhere and is chocking my plants. I cleared everything out and will replant once their fence is replaced and I can see a clear fence line.

I have now started to clear all the dead foliage from the borders and am sad to see that I have lost all my cordyline trees this year, two of them we have had for around 15 years. This winter has been very hard on the garden.  The phormiums have taken a beating too though I think they will survive albeit somewhat depleated.  Once I clear the borders I can see what gaps I have then infil with the plants I moved out today. 

Our next gardening job will be to try and get rid of all the moss!!  Our lawn really suffers with moss and we weed and feed it every year but it still comes back.

Whether any of us will be able to move our arms tomorrow will remain to be seen.  So it back to work for a rest

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  1. From Facebook

    Megan Macdiarmid Gosh your working so hard. Fred has stripped all the walls and sanded the upstairs floors with just one days help from father-in-law. He has done an amazing job bless him. Stairs and new walls downstairs next week. Think lodgers will be staying til April. Hurrah.
    07 March at 12:19 ·

    David Bulloch Who is the old guy in the overalls and hat...........??
    07 March at 16:07


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