26 April 2011

Tuesday's Birthday Factoid

1980 - Rebecca Louise Speechley (Mrs Jones) entered the world at 7:50am, we became a family and our lives changed forever


  1. Where's the LIKE button when I need it? :)

  2. your wish is granted, who knew there was a reaction button option on blogger

  3. From Facebook

    Denyse Simmons I had forgotten it was her birthday when she was our bridesmaid!!
    26 April at 17:55 ·

    Sue Speechley loving the shoulder pads Denyse, do you remember Rebecca with her new watch, think every photo can her posy in the air on her watch arm! Love you to embarass them both with a picture if you have one to hand!!
    26 April at 19:36

    Denyse Simmons Have added one of the two girls, how cute, do you remember shopping for their dresses?
    26 April at 20:59 ·

    Sue Speechley yes, M & S if I remember rightly. They are going to kill you, but I'll take the blame (-:
    27 April at 14:36


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