13 April 2011

When I'm cleaning windows......

well I can't take credit for the outside that would be Ecopure

With this recent stretch of nice sunny weather I realised just how disgusting our windows were.  Living on a busy road really takes its toll and one thing that hubby and I hate is cleaning windows. So if I tell you that the front haven't been done for months and I mean months, and that some of the hard to reach back ones haven't been done for 18 months then you will know they were bad.  Anyway, back to the sun, yes it showed up how bad they were, so I grabbed the village magazine yesterday and hunted for a window cleaner advert.  The only one in there was fully booked and not taking on any new customers, so I hit the net. The first for our area was Ecopure and we were in their catchment area, I fired off an email and got a very quick response, followed by a call, an appointment was made for them to come and  quote today, quote accepted and 40 mins later I had clean windows.  The only alarming thing is that the windows are left wet, "won't they spot" I asked, apparently not, due to the pure water (check out their site for all the technical stuff - link above) they use.  Lo and behold I have spot free windows.  Whilst some of the back windows aren't perfect - considering how long its been since they were cleaned its a vast improvement, and apparently once they have been done a few times the impurity billed up will go and they will stay cleaner longer, or thats the gist of it.

So thank you guys, see you in 4 weeks. By the way, I was so ashamed of the inside after you had gone I went ahead and cleaned them ALL!!! 

Glass of wine to celebrate I think

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  1. So Funny...we arived at the farm this afternoon to a very bright and pretty sunset...then went inside and pronouced a collective UGH! at the site of the windows!
    Do you cleaners travel outside your area?


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