6 May 2011

Honey its swarm outside......

Peter found a swarm of bees in the garden today whilst cutting the lawns.  Our neighbours - thats them in the weird suits - keep bees and had a empty hive, so they came and took them away.  We anticipate plenty of honey this summer


  1. so just how does one 'take bees away'???

  2. well I wasn't there, but apparently they used a piece of white cloth, honeycomb, box and smoke. Then came back after an hour and collected them up. Still a fair few bees in the tree yesterday and they took far too much interest in me while I was try to mulch the bed!!

  3. From Facebook

    Cherry Smith OMG that is scary! Still bees are amazing and we need them on our planet :-)
    Friday at 22:38

    Megan Macdiarmid Bzzzzzzzzzzz


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