8 May 2011

Nothing off the list but lots done!

My tools for a trip to the recycling centre

 28 bags of soil improver - it stinks!!

the garden likes it though

third coat on the ceiling, looks happy doesn't he!!

Some pretties from the garden

We borrowed a truck from Peter's work and went and got all the wood we need to build the steps next weekend.  3 coats of paint on a third of the ceiling, its been too nice to stay indoors so I have been top dressing the borders with the soil improver.  I plan to tackle the walls in the barn this week when I get home from work. I must stop procrastinating and just get on with it. 

We've had a bit of rain, though you would never know it, the wind has dried it off very quickly; though at least the barrels are topped up.  We are reluctant to put out the tender plants still, as last weeks frosts have really knocked some of the new growth on the plants growing outside and the forecast is saying the possiblity of more to come.  The greenhouse is fit to bursting so something will have to give soon.

Hope you have had a productive weekend, I'm going back to work for a rest!!

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