9 June 2011

Garden Room - adding the details

So comfy for knitting in

10 Stitch in pride of place

Teddy Corner

Bottle collection

Enjoying the first cup of tea

Yesterday evening we spent time sitting watching the rain in the garden.  The first time in 12 years that we have been able to sit indoors and actually see our garden - heaven.  I can see us spending lots of time in here.  Today I've been shopping for more soft furnishings. I still need to buy some side tables. My house is starting to look de-nuded, but that means I get to buy new for the house, but not until I have decorated each room )-:


  1. IT'S BEAUTIFUL SUE!!! I love seeing you relax a bit...well deserved!

  2. Oh I'm very jealous ;) I love the big windows!

  3. From Facebook
    Pauline Hornsby This is fantastic!! Well done Sue and all. All the hard work was well worth it. And finished just in time for the summer, which you can now enjoy indoors if wet. A breathtaking achievement.
    16 hours ago

    Sue Speechley thanks Pauline, I will have all you ladies over for tea and knitting. The light is brilliant, we've been in there every evening since it was finished so seen no TV, wonderful. Can't believe how behind FB is on these entries though
    15 hours ago ·

    Pauline Hornsby Yes please! An event to look

    Sharon Everard Looks great - can't wait to see the real thing on Saturday. I can't believe you have been in that house for 12 years - how times flies! x
    10 hours ago ·

    Kathleen Porcaro Burke so lovely! can I come to tea as well?


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