19 June 2011

Our little man is one year old

Still a bit sleepy and full of cold

Opening Granny and Pop's present

A wheelybug cow

Some birthday bubbles

His birthday cake made by Aunty Rachel - a triumph

Birthday tea

Birthday trike from Aunty Rachel and Stuart

And so to the party. The weather was mixed, more wet than anything, thunder, lightening, hail, but we managed to have part of the afternoon in the sunshine. Stuart was our official photographer, so I will post more pictures of the afternoon when we receive them. Thank you Stuart. 

As this was also Rufus' naming day, Rebecca made a speech on behalf of her and Tim; there weren't many dry eyes I can tell you. Here are a few excerpts -

It might seem strange to be having a naming ceremony for a little boy who has been wearing his name for a whole year now.  But it takes a while to own a name and for you to make a mark, however small, on the world ..............

.........  I never thought that I would be so fascinated by another person, that I could spend hours watching you sleep, eat and play. You have bought an enormous amount of love and happiness into our lives and have truly stolen both our hearts.

........ special thank you to two people - firstly Tim - for growing into a great daddy and being by my side even through the gruesome bits.  And finally to my mum - I would never have been able to enjoy this amazing year as much as I have without your help. About this time a year ago you were walking me to my epidural and through the gas and air haze I remember asking you how the hell you did this twice.  You said to me "I promise you that it will all be worth it once you have that baby in your arms" - now I don't say this very often, but you were totally right. 

What more can a mother ask for - a daughter telling you they are right for a change.  Believe me I could not see for the tears.  Rebecca is a fantastic mother and I know it is going to be hard for her to go back to work on Wednesday.  Tim, you are doing a great job too.  For the full speech check out here

We would just like to thank you both for bring this little person into our lives -

he has stolen our hearts too!


  1. Congratulations to all of you! It's been fun watching Rufus grow this past year and sharing grandma stories. Sue..I am moved to tears as well

  2. ...and that cake. WOW! I can only imagine just how good it tasted. Quite a talent Rachel has!

  3. I got the cow for my daughter, now its difficult to get her off it, she spends most the day on it chasing the cat or her brothers.


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