19 July 2011

Everything in the garden is rosy

Our veg garden is providing us with just the right quantities at the present time to cope with, its so good to pop down and pick a handful of beans for dinner.  Tonight its dwarf french beans.  However, I see a time in the not to distant future when we will be over run and I shall have to start being imaginative.

I planted a patch of sweet peas - I wish you could smell them, each day I go down and pick a bunch to scent the rooms, they are supposed to be mixed colours but all seem to be shade of lilac/purple.

The peacock butterflies are enjoying the buddlia as are the bees and the hover flies seem to like the dahlias, the bushes are fairly buzzing with life.

We just need sunshine now to ripen off some of the tomatoes; I think we've had enough rain to last us some considerable time!
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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! So Beautiful...the ohotos, the flowers, the produce...all of it!!!


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