25 September 2011

Easily distracted

On Friday I went into the garden to pick the last of the beans, a quick job I thought, no, I ended up being out there all day.  It was such a lovely day I decided the housework would wait.  I cleared the aforementioned beans and harvested the last of the carrots too.  Cleared out all the raised veg boxes.  Tidied the remaining outside tomatoes, checked on the squashes.  The potatoes will be dug up today, Sunday, then we can clear that patch of garden.  We are planning to get more chickens! I think we are over the trauma of the last lot and willing to try again.  Anyone know how to make a fox proof enclosure.  It was so lovely to have fresh eggs every day and they are such characters, best bit is feeding them cooked spaghetti its hilarious.

After popping in to prepare an Oxtail cassarole dinner I turned my attention to some of the borders.  I was surprised to see quite a bit of colour still there.  I picked a few for the house, and here are some that are still in full bloom.  See previous post for all the yellow flowers

 I love the garden in autumn, lots of shadows and dappled lighting, the smell of the slowly dying foliage, but not the falling leaves.  As you can see our garden is surrounded by trees so unless we get a really good wind they all end up in our garden. Still its good exercise clearing them all up.

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  1. So pretty Sue. And I am excited for the chickens. We were having the same conversation today...I am just not sure how to start.


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