3 October 2011

August/September stashbusting totals

this post should really be called stash enhancement totals.  I am sorry to say - oh no I'm not - that my output was 325grams but my input was 4,540 grams, hangs her head in shame.

I can't promise that October will be any better as we are off to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on Friday; can you believe its that time of year again?  I already know that I need more white yarn to finish cardigan #4, not that it will languish in the stash so it doesn't count.  I have however, started my next 10 stitch blanket so that should shift some of the older stash and I have another bag already set aside for the one after that.  So watch those totals change, especially now the darker nights are coming

Stash totals to end September:

10,159yds + 5,640grams IN

5,980.8yds + 6,490 grams OUT

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  1. See...it's all about "shifting" stash,not neccessarily the ins and outs! ;)


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