2 October 2011

the ultimate facial workout

What an amazing weekend it has been.  Higher temperatures that started early on in the week have slowly risen and given us 28 degrees C for 3 days running, summer tops came back out, dinners in the garden albeit by candle light as the nights have drawn in, paddling pool filled and the sounds of my grandson and family/friends were heard.

However, this ultimate facial workout I here you ask..... we went to see Lee Evans at the O2 last night, I can tell you we never stopped laughing from the moment he went on stage. Peter was crying, I had such a pain in my stomach from laughing. I have never heard 20,000 people laugh so hard.  The man is a genius, his observations on people and their habits makes his show hilarious. We were chuckling all the way home and still laughing this morning.  If you get the chance to catch his show live then do so, but they were recording last night for TV, so look out for it. 

As I said the weather has been beautiful but too hot to do much, the leaves are falling fast but it was just too hot to do anything about them, so we have just relaxed today in the shade, bit of knitting, listening to music. Have you heard the new Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa album -in particular the track I'll Take care of You

I first heard this song performed by Mick Hucknell on his album Tribute to Bobby, so we have listen to both today to see what we thought and sorry Mick whilst I like your rendition I prefer Beth & Joe's.  There doesn't appear to be a video on You Tube but the original by Bobby Blue Bland is on there

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  1. Just swaying to the music...You Have the very BEST taste in music..makes me want to pour a beverage and just relax the rest of the day.


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