22 November 2011

The 3 D's

- dull, damp, dreary - the weather that is, though to be honest I don't feel so sparky either.

I had planned to go out into the garden when I got home from work, but its just so miserable, only 2:30pm and you need the lights on. Bring on the cold, frosty, sunny days anything is better than this. The Willow tree gets a haircut next week, so it can hold on to the rest of its leaves if it wouldn't mind, then the nice boys can take them away and save us the bother of clearing them up. We have a leaf vac, which is fine if they are dry, but it also makes my hip ache, so the good old leaf rake works best for me.  Hopefully the weekend weather will be kinder and I'll feel better more like poking around in the borders. 
Right better get off and make dinner - Venison and Wild Mushroom Pie tonight, then maybe some ironing, but then again, maybe some knitting............... choices choices

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