28 November 2011

my weekend

Whilst feeling marginally better, my weekend took on a slow pace, though we did manage a short walk (for us) on Sunday lunchtime

the very last tomatoes from the greenhouse - not bad for the end of November

On Friday I found we had had a visitor to my overflow dry goods drawer. I knew there was a reason I like it all in glass jars. I cleaned it out only to find on Saturday it had been back and that it had also been in all the utensil/saucepan drawers.  As you can imagine the last thing I felt like doing was sorting and cleaning this lot out, but we did.  The mouse has been caught.  The cat has had stern words

Saturday afternoon craft session with Rachel.  I made this stocking using an old polo shirt

And finally - a few last flowers gleaned from the garden.  I felt in need of a vase of prettiness


  1. I am way impressed at how neat and tidy your drawers are. Very cute stocking...another idea am going to borrow to make one for baby Ben

  2. Thought you caught the Mouse in 1977 ?

  3. Oh, I posted and it vanished! ah well...anyway glad you're feeling a bit better now.

    How lovely to have flowers this late in the year. Such a cheering sight in the house.

    And I expect your cat now knows that unless she does her job around here, there may not be a catnip mouse under the tree for her...


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