30 December 2011

Looking back over 2011 - a productive year

Its that time of year again - as we fast approach 2012, I have been looking back at what we have achieved, and its been lots.

Our biggest project was turning our old barn into a garden room.  This room has really come into its own.  I never thought that it would be used as much as it is.  The best money we have ever spent.  Lots of hard work to achieve the end result but well worth the time.  A big thanks again to all involved.

Next has been the garden, again a fairly productive year, though some of the vegetables could have been better.  I few changes were made due the the bad weather in the early months of the year but all in all just trying to keep it generally tidy.  Saying that I need to get out and do some of that tidying....... a job for another day me thinks.

We also revamped the kitchen and front sitting room - still awaiting the shelving in there!

And then of course when I wasn't painting or gardening I was knitting.  I just checked out my projects on Ravelry and see that I have knitted/completed 47 items and have 2 WIP's on the needles along with a sock which I am trying out.  My completed projects were:

2 x cowl
6 x scarves
10 x hats
2 x baby shoes
2 x baby dresses
7 x baby cardigans
assortment of decorations
2 x headbands
2 x toddler jumpers
1 x ladies cardigan which I frogged
2 x tea cosy
1 x door stop
4 x Ten stitch blankets
1 pair slippers
2 x egg cosy
2 x Bunny blanket buddies

my WIP's area Ten Stitch blanket and a baby cardigan.  So as you see a productive year.  For pictures of my knitted items go to my knitwear page.

We have enjoyed 2 celebrations this year.  Firstly, Rufus's 1st birthday and naming party, a first outing for the garden room - you may remember it rained.  Secondly, my father's 80th birthday party.  I am pleased to say both went well.  I hope we have many more things to celebrate in the coming year, along with my father's continuing good health.

We plan a quiet new years eve - a dinner in the garden room,  just the two of us, some sushi, seafood and champagne, bit of soft music and reflective conversation, I promise no knitting.

I hope whatever you are doing you have a great new years and see you all in 2012

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  1. It's been a joy sharing in all of it with you and you family from afar!


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