22 January 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

you are the cruelest of them all.  Fitting rooms, don't you just hate them.  All those mirrors and bright lights, showing up all those lumps, bumps and wobbly bits!!  I need to drop at least 10lbs.

On Friday I got to enjoy one of my Christmas presents - I spent a day in London with my youngest. We had a great day out, - coffee, shopping, lunch, shopping, tea, shopping, drinks and dinner, then theatre.  What's not to like.  Well apart from the shopping, I'm not good at it. Once however, I got into the groove so to speak, it wasn't so bad; I came away with 2 pairs of cropped chinos, 2 pairs of light cotton trousers, 5 tops and 3 pairs of shoes!!

Our day started with a train down to London, first stop was coffee then on to Spitalfields Market, followed by a tube ride and walk to Borough Market, where we partook of a Kangaroo Burger for lunch.  Not bad, but wouldn't be in a hurry to try it again.  A walk along the embankment in the rain to I Knit London, which was a bit of a disappointment, but I won't go into that.  Back on the tube to Oxford Street.  Quick dash into Primark for cheap t-shirts to cut up for a rug - daughter's project.  Next stop M & S where we had tea and cake, to fortify us before heading to the spring clothing range .  As mentioned, after a second walk round I was bullied into the fitting rooms with an armful of clothes, and hey presto, my purse was suddenly a lot lighter!!  I'm pleased with my purchases, and to be honest once the aforementioned weight comes off they will look better.

Next stop was Soho, where we stopped for drinks at Zebranos, happy hour, 2 glasses of wine for the price of one.  Good natter, then off for some dinner before the show.  Our show was the Ladykillers, the stage production of an old Ealing Comedy.  Very funny.  I love going to the theatre and really should do it more often. It was a great and thoughtful present which we both got to enjoy.

As it was Rufus Friday, Peter bravely offered to look after the little man on his own, and he also had an enjoyable day.  Even managed a mucky nappy, but then I guess he had no choice.  He did however, forget to take the camera, so no photos I'm afraid.  Fortunately though he and his mum are coming to stay tomorrow for a couple of days as the builders are taking out the boiler and they will have no heating/hot water.  So I will make sure that the camera is charged and ready.

The rest of the weekend has been spent quietly knitting.  I have finally finished the Ten Stitch - hurrah.  Photos of that to follow.  It did however end up using 2400 grams of stashed yarn, so that has made a bit of a dent in the stash.


  1. HAHA...I understand those evil mirrors so well. BUT..What a wonderful day the 2 of you had. So many special memories to share for a long time to come.

  2. I am breathless just reading this! Glad you and Rachel had a good time. Looking forward to seeing the rag rug.

    When I next see you perhaps you will whisper in my ear about I-Knit. (When I last went it was looking where to step so as not to tread on the tiny dog.) My father used to work for the company that is now occupied by the bookshop in Lower Marsh, where I-Knit is situated. Dave and I went last year; I was staggered at the difference in the street since I last visited (40ish years ago), with the mis-match of modern with seedy (in my opinion). At that time I used to live quite near to Borough Market, when it really was a wholesale market selling fruit and vegetables. When meeting up with cousins last year we all wandered through and, again, the difference from what I remembered was amazing. Hope to meet up with another cousin in London this year, so will wait to see what else has changed.


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