13 January 2012

Signs of spring

After weeks of mild weather we awoke to a bright and frosty morning

The bulbs are emerging. The aconites have been out for a couple of weeks now, their bright little heads a welcome sight in the past dreary days

Flame berries in the seed pods of the iris.  I love how they are decomposing, leaving a casing of chiffon
I have the day to myself. No plans. I have put a wash on. Waiting in for a parcel to be redelivered.  My cold is progressing, more irritating than anything.  Funnily, 35 years ago, on the eve of our wedding, I had a really bad cold, feeling rough, not that it marred the big day.  35 years - Coral or Jade depending on whether you are traditional or modern.  We won't bother with either on Sunday, just a nice lunch out, time to ourselves to reminisce.

Hubby just sent a text - puncture on the M11 southbound, not a good start to his day.

Judy, hope you are feeling better today - she has a cold virus too.

Also - I'm wondering about starting a knitting/craft group in my garden room.  My worries, that no one would come.  Should I do it?  How often should it run?

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  1. I am quite envious of all that color in the garden. Start the knitting group...I'll be over in 15 minutes.
    Happy Anniversary!


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