8 January 2012

Sit still, me, never

Woke this morning, whole day stretching ahead and no plans.  Take it easy after 2 days of our little man.  No, it was dry so decided to hit the borders.  The garden is looking a mess, due to not getting round to cutting back the plants in the autumn

These three pictures show a start at freeing the borders of leaves and a general cut down, actually still looks a bit messy, but the spring bulbs are coming through so there will be some colour soon.  I should have taken a before picture - that really was messy

Christmas tree doing duty as a bird feeder - still no needle drop, shame it has no roots

see all the stuff still to cut down, the lawn is more moss than anything else )-:

These two pictures show the garden after the willow was cut back, hoping the light and moisture will help the garden fight back a bit - I need to get in with the cultivator and lift the soil where the guys trampled over it

Tidy (-:

and this is where the fencing came down the other week - ugh

Three hours spent out there was long enough, my hip is now playing up but I feel happy that I have made a start.  Peter cleared leaves from the lawn along the beech hedges and relaid some paving in the veg garden. If the weather stays fine then I plan to get out for an hour or two each day after work.......

And this afternoon, feet up, resting.... not likely, spent the afternoon turning up two pairs of curtains for my youngest.  No rest for the wicked they say, so I must have been very naughty at some point in my life

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  1. You provided me with one of my favorite pastimes: reading about someone else doing the garden work, then seeing the results! thankyou. Your place looks really wonderful, though, the whole design and layout and general niceness.


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