14 February 2012

Happy door door Granny

Today is my birthday.  To be honest I wish we had all felt better but we have made be best of it.  Rachel cooked us a lovely dinner which we didn't really do justice too. Thanks Stuart for washing up, its becoming a habit!  I think we will do the whole dinner again when we are all fit and well.  I had some lovely cards and presents and two trips to enjoy during the coming months.

At least we had our little man here to help me enjoy the day.  His "happy door door granny" first thing this morning melted my heart.  Whilst I was at work they managed to get him to say happy birthday, but "door door" was just special.

Yee Haw
Helping out with my knitting!!  The ball ended up wrapped round the rocking horse

Theme tune of the day is My Valentine by Paul McCartney

BTW - Still awaiting the X ray resultsPosted by Picasa


  1. Is that Beck in the backround? Feeling quite poorly still it seems. I sure hope everyone in your home gets to feeling better soon.
    Rufus sure has grown up. Handsome boy.
    Happy Birthday once again!

  2. Glad you managed to enjoy some of your birthday and having Rufus around helped im sure. He looks more like Tim in photos this time. Poor Rebecca give her my love and a hug. Fingers crossed for x-ray.

  3. Sorry to have missed your birthday via your Blog but hope you had a happy day in spite of illness all around you. Glad Rufus was there to cheer you up.
    Love Pauline x


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