5 February 2012

In her mantle of white

Snow at bedtime last night - started snowing at 6:30pm

 Looks pretty doesn't it, ok if you don't need to go anywhere, which I don't today. 
Better all be gone by tomorrow, please............. 

Slow roast shoulder of lamb in the oven. Fire laid. Venture out for a walk? Not sure, but if we do I'll take the camera.
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  1. Beautiful. Your pictures here, and other snow pictures on Facebook, make everything look so serene and peaceful. The anguish brought on by the snow is easily forgotten - hypothermia, travel chaos, animals not able to find food, and broken bones. Like everyone else I love watching the snow fall and to see it in its virgin state but then I'd prefer it to go as quick as it came. Apologies for being a misery.


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