16 February 2012

more signs of Spring

Now the snow has gone, there are clumps of Snowdrops popping up all over the garden, a few Hellebores also showing through the general mess that is my borders. 

A couple of completed cardigans for my future niece

And my WIP's - I have never had so many, I really am getting into bad habits


  1. amazing work going on here ! love the baby cardigans ! im going to follow you because i dont want to miss your f.o s !!

  2. Those projects are great. I especially LOVE the baby cardi's.

  3. Wow you are busy, and each of your projects look fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Each of your projects is just beautiful. Wow.

  5. Your future niece is a very lucky girl!

  6. As usual, Sue, your knitting and colour choices are superb. Your niece's cardigans are delightful. Glad that you have used the time you have been poorly to do something you enjoy. Love Pxx


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